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Ready to ace your hosting game? Epos Now’s specialised restaurant POS system makes it a breeze. Handle all your sales—in-house, takeaway, or delivery—from a single, seamless platform!

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Attract more diners

Boost table turnover by 20% with Epos Now Bill Pay.

Streamline your business

Cut costs by over AED90 monthly on till rolls and ink with our high-res receipt printer.

Trim expenses effectively

Slash your average employee expenses by 30% with Epos Now Online Ordering.

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A restaurant management system for the future

Whether you own quick service restaurants, or full-service restaurants, our all-in-one restaurant POS system helps you stay ahead.

  • Tap into major ordering and delivery apps effortlessly, boosting customer satisfaction
  • Access vital data anytime, anywhere, across multiple restaurant locations
  • Keep inventory in check, manage costs and profits, simplify reordering, and seamlessly integrate with top accounting software
  • Leverage robust sales reports accessible on any device to ramp up profits, minimise waste, and enhance employee efficiency

From AED 3,815

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Easy to use and employees can be trained in 15 minutes

Get seamless online ordering with Epos Now Order & Pay

Set up your unique branded profile on our mobile ordering platform. Customers browse, order, and pay contactlessly.

  • Offer a low-cost food delivery service and process orders from your Epos Now system
  • Give customers more freedom with online orders and easy pickups
  • Enjoy a fully contactless dine-in experience with simple table ordering for a worry-free meal
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Boost efficiency and delight customers

Make service smoother, communication clearer, and order management simpler.

  • Keep tabs on table time and update floor plans instantly for faster table turnover
  • Cut down costly mistakes with automated ordering and smooth communication
  • Sort orders by course and type to quicken prep and minimise customer wait times
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Control your entire restaurant with a single POS system

Adapt seamlessly to changing consumer trends, effortlessly transitioning to online orders and deliveries using our top-notch apps.

  • Provide delivery, collection, and table-ordering via our online platform
  • Link up with 100+ apps, including top accounting and CRM tools
  • Spot trending delivery orders for savvy promotions
  • Expand your marketing reach and attract loyal customers with customer loyalty programs
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Boost your profits with smart sales insights

Level up your profits using savvy sales insights! Our powerful sales reports not only slash operational costs but also uncover growth opportunities.

  • Find your fast and slow-moving items to nail your pricing strategies
  • Double-check stock against expected inventory levels for smoother management
  • Keep tabs on sales, margins, and trends from anywhere, anytime
  • Effortlessly export to Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and more, for simpler accounting and tax processes while keeping an eye on margins
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Cut time and waste with sharper stock control!

We get it - you want quick, not endless, stock checks. That's why our inventory management software hands you the way to win your time back:

  • Monitor inventory, even down to ingredient-level, in real-time
  • Automate purchase orders and stock levels, ensuring you're always stocked up
  • Set up recipes and ingredient levels to encourage efficient use of inventory
  • Effortlessly manage stock across multiple locations, boosting efficiency
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Always there when you need us!

With Epos Now, you never have to go at it alone.

Enjoy 24/7 support and personalised one-on-one onboarding from our expert team, and get unlimited training and coaching whenever you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, reach out to our team, or read our frequently asked questions.

What is a restaurant point of sale system?

Restaurant POS systems, also known as EPOS systems, act as a central hub to manage essential operations within a restaurant. These systems offer both software and hardware options.

The versatile restaurant POS software efficiently handles menu management, restaurant inventory management, order processing, and secure payment collection from guests. Additionally, these systems come with hardware components like receipt printers and cash drawers, enabling seamless functions such as printing receipts and managing cash transactions.

In today's modern landscape, a restaurant POS system extends beyond basic functionalities. It's seamless integration with accounting applications, ensuring streamlined financial tracking. Furthermore, it collaborates with diverse marketing platforms, empowering restaurant owners to run targeted campaigns and enhance customer engagement.

How do restaurant point of sale (POS) systems work?

Restaurant POS systems operate primarily through cloud-based technology. Staff members utilise handheld pocket devices or the primary till to swiftly transmit orders directly to the kitchen.

Through this streamlined process, the POS system facilitates real-time communication between front-of-house and kitchen operations. It minimises errors, enhances order accuracy, and optimises the overall flow of service. Additionally, cloud-based integration ensures that orders and data are accessible across multiple devices, providing a seamless experience for staff and improving operational efficiency in the restaurant.

What's the best POS system for restaurant businesses?

When it comes to restaurant businesses, the ideal point of sale (POS) system varies based on what suits your specific needs. However, Epos Now consistently stands out as a leading choice in the hospitality industry. Tailored to streamline operations in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and various hospitality spots, Epos Now boasts a robust set of features. Its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and tailored solutions make it a top contender for businesses looking to enhance their POS experience, especially for table service.

Additionally, in certain locations, Epos Now offers payment solutions that accept a wide array of payment options, including mobile and contactless payments. This versatility in payment processing makes it a comprehensive solution catering to modern payment preferences for restaurant businesses.

What's the best way to manage restaurant inventory?

The best way to manage restaurant inventory? Use a modern EPOS system! With this system, restaurant staff can easily add inventory and link it to menu items. When orders are made and served, the EPOS automatically tracks the ingredients used, deducting them from the inventory. So, when supplies run low, the EPOS system can even reorder them automatically!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Usually, your order arrives within 5 to 10 business days after you place it. This includes the time we need to check, pack, and get it ready to ship.

The actual shipping time might vary depending on the courier service we use and where you live. Sometimes things like where you're located or unexpected delivery issues can affect how quickly it arrives.

But don't worry, we're doing our best to make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible within that time frame.

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