Take Control with a Responsive Restaurant POS

Host with confidence when you rely on Epos Now’s dedicated restaurant POS. Process multichannel sales (from in-house, takeaway, and delivery) all in one place!

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Speed up serving and sales. With Epos Now Payments, take over 650 at-table payments on one charge.

Turn tables over 20% faster by adding Epos Now Order & Pay.

Stop handing out freebies! Cut complimentary meals by 60% with the Epos Now Kitchen Display System.

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Restaurant management for the future

Our all-in-one restaurant POS system includes our award-winning POS software, terminal, cash drawer, printer and card machine - all the tools you need to trade:

  • Limit contact and improve efficiency with tableside ordering and contactless payments
  • Establish a secure and easy integration with online ordering apps, delivery services and other add-ons to create new revenue streams and enhance your customer's experience
  • Track sales, inventory management, order management and integrate leading accounting software with our user-friendly system
  • Leverage powerful real-time reporting and process payments faster to reduce wastage and improve employee efficiency, ensuring you optimize profits for your business.

WAS $1,499, NOW FROM $799*

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Easy to use and employees can be trained in 15 minutes
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Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Streamline full service, enhance kitchen staff communication and accept orders via online payments with our point of sale systems at a great value.

  • Improve table management by managing floor plans in real-time to boost table service turnover
  • Eliminate costly errors and food waste with automated inventory management and barcode scanners
  • Streamline back of house operations with a comprehensive Kitchen Display system to carry out daily tasks such as staff scheduling
  • Group by course and order type to speed up preparation and reduce customer wait times by implementing QR codes into your menus or tables. Read further about ways to reduce waiting times in restaurants to master customer orders management
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Offer seamless online ordering with Epos Now Order & Pay

Create a branded profile for your restaurant on the app-less mobile ordering platform that lets customers browse, order, and pay from their phones.

  • Provide a fully-contactless dining experience with app-less table ordering
  • Offer delivery and pickup services, and seamlessly manage orders from your Epos Now system
  • Let customers place orders and select the pick-up slots that work for them
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Discover how to enhance your table management and deliveries

Don’t let your business size harm your capacity levels. With our restaurant POS systems, business owners can keep up with shifting consumer and industry trends.

Easily, use our restaurant software to pivot online ordering and delivery with our suite of leading apps integrated as add ons into your system.

  • Epos point of sale system integrates over 100 apps, including leading accountancy, CRM tools, and booking management with OpenTable
  • Identify popular delivery orders to use them as marketing tools to create smarter promotions 
  • Grow your marketing campaigns to reinforce customer loyalty and develop a successful loyalty program
  • Offer order-at-table service for greater safety regarding payment processing, with the card reader included in your point of sale system
  • Collect more online reviews to boost your reputation and enhance customer loyalty
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From table to kitchen, with a KDS

Receive orders in real-time and direct to the kitchen, with the user-friendly Kitchen Display System integrated in your POS system. 

Speed up service, reduce ticket errors and manage online ordering seamlessly from one POS software.

  • Pass orders directly to your kitchen to improve order turnaround times and accuracy
  • Receive online orders through into your kitchen as soon as they come in
  • Eliminate manual paper tickets by introducing receipt printers to avoid confusion and improve customer management
  • Enhance staff management by reducing the need for staff to manually submit orders to the kitchen
  • Remove errors with a single view to any last-minute order changes
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Maximize your profits with intelligent sales data

Use powerful sales and inventory reports to cut operational costs and highlight areas for growth.

  • Customer management: Visualise customer data with custom dashboards to create a tailored loyalty program
  • Multi-location management: Access insights from any device and run your business with our mobile POS system
  • Menu management: Determine market prices by analyzing sales data to ensure competitive menu prices
  • Inventory management: Compare actual vs expected inventory tracking to identify lost or stolen goods and reduce wastage
  • Cash management: Simplify your accounting, taxes and cash flow by syncing your reports with Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and more
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Smart inventory management

Spend less time tracking stock, and more time managing your restaurant. With the Epos Now POS System, it only takes a few minutes to manage stock efficiently.

  • Track inventory right down to ingredient level 
  • Automate purchase orders and use low-stock warnings so you never run out of what you need. Learn about safety stock to ensure smooth inventory management.
  • Protect your bottom line with accurate stock control
  • Minimize cash flow tied up in stock
  • Manage inventory and track stock levels between multiple locations
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Payment processing services made simple

At Epos Now, we help business owners to process payments by providing them with the latest payment methods. Such as mobile payments or contactless payments, which include the best payment processing fees. 

Become one of the thousands of businesses already making payment processing simpler.

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Take control with a responsive restaurant POS

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions.

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What is restaurant POS?

With a restaurant point of sale system, all the tools you need to process orders, track inventory, and collect payments are located in a centralized location. The POS system can also integrate with email marketing platforms, bookkeeping programs, and other applications to simplify restaurant management. Check the complete restaurant POS system now to discover the full benefits.

How does a restaurant POS system work?

As a cloud-based POS system, servers can use handheld devices or a main till to manage online ordering quicker. Back of house staff can then see all orders on a Kitchen Display System instead of reading paper tickets from servers. Servers can track order status in real-time, preventing unnecessary trips to the kitchen and improving efficiency.

Moreover, this system is linked to the receipt printer to generate accurate bills and avoid human errors. This will enhance customer experience. 

Read more about the numerous reasons why KDS is a hospitality must-have integration to your restaurant POS system.

How do you manage inventory in a restaurant?

As part of our tailored onboarding process, you can train employees to use the Epos Now POS System efficiently. This way, staff can add all incoming inventory to the system and assign those products to menu items. As each order is prepared, the restaurant POS will automatically deduct the required amounts from the inventory.

When an item is out of stock or running low stock, the system can place online ordering automatically.

What is the best POS for a small restaurant?

The best restaurant POS system will allow you to reduce costs and streamline service by managing your floor plan, automating inventory management, and simplifying communication between front and back of house.

It will also allow you to process online ordering through food delivery apps. A good restaurant POS system will also use advanced stock control to ensure that you never run out of what you need. Check the different types of restaurant POS systems you can implement in your business.

If you need inspiration regarding your menu designs, learn how to create a takeout and delivery menu to be cost effective. We also appreciate that this additional revenue stream implies new operational costs. Therefore, read our article to find out how much the delivery insurance can be.

Why should you use a POS system in a restaurant?

The best restaurant POS systems are capable of saving restaurant owners hours of time each week, while reducing overheads and expenses.

Without a restaurant POS system, stock management must be conducted manually, and small business owners are deprived of the ability to see real-time data covering inventory, sales, margin, and staff.

As the restaurant POS system takes care of many manual tasks, you and your staff can focus better on customer facing tasks. And to ensure your employees provide the best quality service, find 6 ways to avoid burnout to maintain high motivation levels.


What is a restaurant management system?

A restaurant management system keeps these hospitality businesses running by handling all daily affairs, such as tracking sales, taking stock and managing staff. 

A complete restaurant management system will also come with software to track orders and manage tables, as well as hardware to process payments. 

For many food businesses, an EPOS with cloud computing and software integrations makes the best restaurant management system. 

How is the EPOS POS system used by front of house staff?

They use an EPOS POS system to accomplish three main tasks: take payments, send orders to the back of house, and improve customer service. 

With an EPOS till terminal, front of house staff can accept cash, credit, debit, and gift card payments, as well as contactless options like Apple Pay.

It only takes a few taps to add menu items to an order and send them to the kitchen display or kitchen printers. If a customer has questions, the restaurant staff can see notes on menu items, such as allergen information, to recommend the best options.