benefits of cloud pos

The Benefits of Cloud POS

Austin Chegini
21 May 2024

What is a Cloud-based POS System?

With standard point of sale systems, data is processed and stored locally. When a customer pays for a product, their information and the sales record are saved on a local server. While this can make it easier to access data to generate reports, the business can lose this information at any moment. A single power surge, broken sprinkler, or corruption problem could make the hardware inaccessible and lost permanently.

Cloud-based POS systems solve this problem by eliminating the risk of losing data. Any information entered in the POS goes to the cloud – a network of machines in a remote location. A user only needs an internet-connected device to access inventory, sales records, and customer data.

Cloud POS: Benefits for Users

Protecting data is not the only factor when considering cloud POS vs. traditional POS systems. Let’s review several key advantages of modern POS machines.

Increased Speed

In the restaurant industry, front of house speed can make or break a business. When a diner places an order, the server must note the order and hurry to the kitchen to report it to the staff. Any errors in this process could reduce speed and customer satisfaction.

With cloud POS hardware, the server can input the order at the counter or tableside. The kitchen will receive the order in their queue in seconds. An increase in speed can lead to an increase in table turnover and customer satisfaction.

Secure, Up-to-Date Software

Software updates are critical in enhancing security by fixing exploits. Many traditional POS users cannot update their local server without the help of an outside IT technician, leaving their data vulnerable. Some updates can even corrupt the data on the server, damaging any business that does not have a backup.

Cloud POS software undergoes routine updates. Any user can follow the steps to ensure the tablet or computer is secure. Even if the update completely resets the device, all data is still on the cloud.

Accurate Inventory

Keeping track of inventory can prevent wasted spending or sudden shortages. A cloud POS gives you a detailed account of each item in stock. With each sale, your Back Office records are automatically updated. Online sales and in-store purchases are all accounted for in one place.

Likewise, transferring items between locations take only a few clicks since all stores can connect to the same system.

Custom Reporting

A user can generate real-time reports for employee evaluations, sales figures, customer traffic patterns, and more. When it comes to a cloud-based POS vs. a traditional POS, the internet-backed systems provide data from all locations. Epos Now takes this one step further by providing many powerful reporting tools to lighten your workload.     

Flexible Pricing

Pricing for cloud-based POS systems often come in two forms: flat fee or subscription. The user can choose which model matches their business’s size and goals. The subscription can be upgraded as new terminals are installed. Similarly, you can downgrade your subscription if certain tools are not being utilized.

Cloud POS: Benefits for Customers

A cloud POS enables businesses to serve their customers better, often leading to more efficient interaction and increased brand loyalty.

Customized Receipts

Receipts can give customers discounts on items they frequently purchase. If a customer buys a 30-day supply of a product, a store can capture their next purchase by providing a coupon for their refill. 

Loyalty Programs

Show customers they matter by providing loyalty rewards for repeat business. Since a cloud based POS for retail works on any internet-connected device, the points and perks are good at any store location.

Fast Checkout

Traditional POS systems can be slow to process the order or may not work with all payment types. Cloud-based POS devices use fast software and accept nearly all types cards of cards thanks to integrated payment partners. 

Speedier checkout means less time waiting in line, which customers are sure to appreciate.

Ready to Make the Switch?

You see the benefit of using a cloud POS. It’s time to see the advantage of working with Epos Now.

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