Get a business makeover with the Epos Now beauty salon POS

From appointment scheduling to inventory management to online booking, the Epos Now beauty salon POS system is the perfect all-in-one solution.

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Save up to 10 hours every month on business management and staff admin.

Save 4+ hours per month during sales with the Epos Now Payments integration.

Add the Loyalzoo integration and see an average 13% increase in revenue.

The best in salon POS systems

Online booking

Integrate your POS with apps from the Epos Now AppStore to allow clients to easily book appointments through your website.

Take all payments

With Epos Now Payments, our beauty salon POS system can take all payment methods, including cash, contactless and credit card payments.

Amazing apps

Get access to our award-winning AppStore with integrations that can handle everything from email marketing to building a loyalty programme.

The all-in-one salon point of sale solution

From small businesses to franchises with multiple locations, our easy-to-use POS system allows you to spend more time helping your customers feel beautiful:
  • Easily set up promotions and discounts to encourage repeat business
  • Use our range of integrations and apps to set up online booking, manage your website, launch loyalty programs and more.
  • Integrated payment processing options lets you take control of your finances
  • Create customized reports, see real-time sales data on your business, and make bookkeeping a breeze
Get everything you need to trade in one system, including POS terminal, built-in printer, cash drawer, card machine, and easy setup.

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A salon POS system that makes customer management a breeze

In beauty salons and spas, your focus is on your clients and ensuring they have the best possible experience in your small business.

Epos Now keeps things convenient for your clients. With our system, you can book online appointments via your website or directly in-store using Epos Now integrations purpose-build to sync with your POS system.

With our reactive software, you can edit prices, list new services, and apply discounts on the go in just a few clicks.

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All the features beauty businesses need

Our system is built with small businesses in mind. We help you grow and serve your client list with a number of advanced features.

  • Create customer profiles to note styling preferences, special requests, and custom pricing
  • Start a salon and spa loyalty scheme that rewards repeat customers
  • Send automated appointment reminders, special offers and updates to customers via email and SMS
  • Collect more reviews to show off your online store
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Leverage real-time insights to stay ahead of the curve​

Forecast with accuracy using intelligent sales insights built into your POS system. Cloud technology allows you to access reports and data from anywhere, anytime. Never be without the data you need to make the right decisions.

  • Identify your best-selling treatments when you view reports on individual product performance
  • Search by trending items, items with the best profit margins, or non-selling stock
  • Use promotional or time-comparison reports to create impactful promotions and campaigns
  • Simplify scheduling when you use reports to identify peak-sales times and top performing stylist
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Unbeatable POS hardware

With our fully integrated POS hardware, you can take your beauty salon to the next level. Our system includes:

  • POS terminal, with 15.6" full HD touchscreen, 10.1" HD customer touchscreen, and built-in 80mm printer
  • Powerful Epos Now POS software
  • Air card machine with Epos Now Payments
  • High-quality, secure all-metal cash drawer
  • Personalized onboarding and training

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Enjoy complete payment flexibility

Add Epos Now Payments to your POS system and enjoy one flat rate on all your transactions.

Epos Now Payments allows you to process payments, stay secure, and access detailed business reports all from one place. And it syncs seamlessly with your Epos Now POS system.

Keep up with consumer demand by accepting the most wanted payment options on the market. Get a full overview of your cash flow and simplify bookkeeping for good with automated reports.

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Payments Pro+ Take Payment Pound

Get the support you need when you need it

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​

​We provide 24/7, round-the-clock support, as well as one-on-one onboarding and unlimited training, and coaching.

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If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions.

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What is the best beauty salon POS?

Each business has different requirements for finding the best system, but overall, a good POS system should improve efficiency and profitability.

For example, if you are using an e-commerce site like Shopify, or bookkeeping apps like Xero, you will want a POS system that integrates with your chosen platforms. 

If you run a beauty salon that has treatment specialists or where you sell products from small businesses along with beauty services, you’ll need a POS system that has good staff management systems in place and can upload a variety of products with an easy-to-navigate inventory.

Your perfect system will also fit your budgetary requirements and scale with your business as it grows.

What is the best inventory tracking software for beauty salons?

With an Epos Now POS system, there’s no need for separate inventory management software or spreadsheets! All of your inventory is stored in the back office system and updates as you trade, with automated updates available for quick reorder processing, and auto-populated stock-check lists so you can quickly track wastage and misplaced products.

Is cloud-based salon POS software secure?

Our Epos Now cloud-based retail POS software stores all of your and your customers’ data securely in the cloud.

Cloud storage means your data is stored remotely, away from your hardware, and cannot be lost even in the event of hardware failure. You can access your data from anywhere, using your login credentials, with the option to add 2-factor authentication to your security processes.

Business managers can also protect financial data by controlling which staff members can access your Back Office, with staff role functions allowing you to restrict access to data.

What is the best cloud-based POS loyalty integration for beauty salons?

Epos Now has partnered with multiple cloud-based loyalty scheme providers so your customers can earn points on their purchases or you can set up a Prime-style subscription programme. 

Head to our AppStore to find out more.

Sell more in your beauty salon with a customized Epos Now POS system

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