5 Essential POS Integrations for Restaurants

Written by Conal Yarwood-Frost

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If you’ve ever watched one of the thousands of cooking shows seared on our screens, you’d know that restaurants aren’t exactly temples of Zen. It’s no coincidence that most professional kitchens are described as boiling pots. 

Thankfully, the conveniences of modern technology have served to lower the temperature to a nice simmer. While no kitchen is perfect, life is a lot easier for cooks, servers, and owners than it was a decade ago. 

One of the best innovations for the hospitality industry has come in the form of point of sale (POS) systems and the many restaurant POS integrations they can bring to the table. These integrations make things easier in all aspects of the business and can be lifesavers. 

What is a POS integration? 

In simple terms, a POS integration is a programme or app that syncs with your system. These apps can do a variety of different things and give you much greater control of how your system works. 

If you’re confused as to what this blog is talking about, here is a POS integration definition. Integrations, or apps, are computer programmes that are designed to fulfil a specific function. In the context of a restaurant, these integrations could handle table bookings, order taking, and many other tasks.

The best apps around

It can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which apps you need for your business. To give you a little helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of the best electronic point of sale (EPOS) integrations for restaurants.

It should be noted that we’ll be talking about integrations available for the Epos Now restaurant system. While some of these apps may be available on our competitors’ software, we will be speaking about them from Epos Now’s point of view. 


Staff admin is one of the most tedious parts of running a restaurant. Whether it’s organising the staff rotas for the week or ensuring this month’s payroll is correct, admin takes up a lot of valuable time that could be spent on your finetuning your restaurant. 

Workforce.com handles all your employee admin and automates your processes. From new employee onboarding to payroll to reactive rotas, you and your employees will free up hours of busywork. The only problem you’ll have is finding something to do with all your new time. 

Epos Now Delivery 

The last couple of years has seen huge changes in almost everything we do. The restaurant has been no stranger to these changes. Perhaps the biggest recent upheaval has been the delivery revolution. Restaurants that never would have dreamed of embracing delivery now offer it as standard. 

That’s where Epos Now Delivery comes in. This fully integrated programme connects your EPOS system with leading delivery services in your area and allows you to reach your home customer in your home. If you’re intimidated by delivery, this app makes online ordering a breeze for you and your customers. 

Epos Now Order & Pay 

The same upheaval that has led to an explosion of restaurants offering delivery has also led to a change in customer habits. Now, customers would rather order their food, pay, and leave with minimal contact with your staff. Previously, this would have been impractical as the technology needed wasn’t where it needed to be. 

Epos Now Order & Pay changes that and puts the power in the hands of you customers. This integration allows your customers to access your menu and order to the table by simply scanning a QR code. It also lets them pay directly on their phone so that they can leave whenever they’re finished. 


Repeat customers, or regulars, are a vital and much-loved part of the restaurant industry. These customers build a relationship with your establishment and guarantee a steady source of custom. Better yet, the more you look after your regular, the more you are to gain new ones! 

One way you can look after your regulars is by setting up the POS CRM integration Loyalty. This app allows you to set up customer loyalty programmes that reward your regulars the more they eat with you. This also acts to improve your customer experience and buys you a lot of goodwill in your area. 


It’s safe to say that most restaurant owners don’t get into the hospitality industry to spend their time doing their accounts. Unfortunately, many end up doing just when they would rather be improving the quality of the food and service. 

Luckily, Epos Now offers an integration with the accountancy app Xero. This time-saving integration works by automatically collecting your financial information and simplifying it. Accountancy tasks that would have taken hours or the attention of an accountant are cut down dramatically. 


The best system for your integrations

All these fancy integrations are all very well good but your restaurant won’t be able to take advantage of them without an Epos Now system. Our dedicated restaurant offers our customers unrivalled power to run their business the way they want. 

Epos Now benefits include:

  • Easily connect your restaurant to leading delivery services. 
  • Our kitchen display brings your front and back of house into perfect synchronisation
  • Streamline your processes and make things easier for everyone

If you’d like to hear more about how Epos Now could help your restaurant, get in touch with our team below.

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