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Increase revenue and encourage repeat business with your own, customisable loyalty scheme. 

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Why Loyalty?

Reward customers

Encourage loyalty in customers by rewarding them with redeemable points for every purchase they make.

Increase earnings

Boost your store's revenue by encouraging repeat business through rewards and special offers.

Personalised cards

Request your own loyalty cards that can be scanned via your Epos Now swipe card reader.

Build a regular customer base

With Loyalty, you can encourage repeat shopping through attainable, worthwhile rewards. You can give back to your most loyal shoppers and convert more visitors into regular customers. 

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Rewards on your terms

Customise the value of each point and create a loyalty scheme that fits your business model. Determine how the points are collected by the customer and how many they need to redeem rewards.

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Improve customer analytics

Analyse shopper data on your Loyalty dashboard to understand what drives your customers. View how much shoppers spend, how many points they accrue, and how they like to redeem their rewards.

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Get more reviews

Ask customers for feedback on each purchase, increasing your aggregate review scores and adding social proof. Analyse these reviews to identify your business's weak points and make improvements.

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