Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources for Epos Now customers

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  • Check your Insurance policy for business interruption insurance
  • Work with us to ensure your inventory, stock and pricing is all set up correctly on your system.
  • Let us help you to build some custom dashboards and reports
  • Ensure you engage with us to deliver multiple remote training sessions for your team to ensure your business gets the most out of all our functionality.
  • Download and trial most of our apps to streamline your business.
  • Connect your customers via social media to keep them informed.
  • Connect Mail chimp or your CRM to the system to custom mailing lists (app is complimentary for 3 months).
  • Set up a loyalty program.
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  • Redecorate your premises. There is never a better time!
  • Review your prices and ensure your margins are correct.
  • Review your suppliers list
  • Organise your inventory
  • Integrate an accounts package like Sage and Xero to enable real time profit and loss, saving thousands on accountancy fees.
  • Build a new website with an online builder or get in touch with a marketing agency to relaunch.
  • Look for customer feedback online and engage with customers to help you improve your business.
  • Build a review strategy online to ensure you are capturing feedback and acting on it.
  • Let us work with you to upgrade your hardware from older, slower terminals with no upfront cost to get you prepared for the rush.
  • Have a redecorate, deep clean and tidy up.
  • Set up a Click & Collect Service

Turn your business into a takeaway

The general demand for the takeaway industry has grown tenfold overnight due to social distancing measures.

Turning your hospitality business into a takeaway will ensure your business stays strong and is a great way to retain your staff and customers. The supermarkets and current vendors can't keep up with current demand and this is also great way to give back the community and help vulnerable and isolated people fed and healthy

Become a Takeaway: A hospitality survival guide

You can even apply to Deliveroo through your Epos Now back office.

Learn more here: Becoming a takeaway

Find out how to attract customers to your food delivery business:

Our partner Paymentsense whom we share 5,000 customers with has also enabled our customers with a quick toolkit called ‘Bite Back’ to become a take-away business



  • Completely redo your menu
  • Input your stock, purchase prices and ingredients in your back office to ensure your margins are on point and you can closely manage everything.
  • Let us help you set up Kitchen Display to streamline your order processes - Any tablet or computer will do!
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With many governments across the world imposing restrictions on retailers that sell non-essential goods, we have put together a helpful guide on how to get your shop delivery ready with resources on how to start selling online.

Get Online & Delivery Ready, a Retail Survival Guide

  • Supermarkets are struggling with demand for general supplies and essential goods there is a massive opportunity to aid the community providing these goods and services.
  • Add or create a delivery element to your offering to reach those millions of customers that are self isolating, especially the elderly or vulnerable people.
  • Organise your stock, inventory and prices. Maybe sell some old stock on Ebay or offer a sale.
  • Sell online through your back office, Omnichannel is booming... Why not set up a Shopify or Woo commerce site?
  • Ensure your stock ordering process is on point.
  • Set up an Ebay, Amazon or Etsy store.
  • Offer for delivery any services or products you sell.