Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources for Epos Now customers

COVID-19 Resources

  • Add takeout and delivery
  • Setting up in-store pickup
  • Serving safely with remote ordering
  • Creating an online store
  • Free printable social distancing signs

Add takeout and delivery

The general demand for food to-go grew tenfold overnight following the implementation of social distancing measures last March.

Turning your hospitality business into a takeaway will ensure your business stays strong, and it’s a great way to retain your staff and customers. Making the transition to takeout and delivery doesn’t have to be complicated.

First, follow our ten-step guide to becoming a Quick Service Restaurant.

Next, learn how to attract customers to your food delivery business.


Serve safely with remote ordering

Make your transition to takeout and delivery seamless with Epos Now Order & Pay, an app-less mobile ordering platform that syncs with your POS system. Create a fully-branded profile, and offer contactless delivery and collection services without incurring exorbitant fees. 

Start today and get your first month free!

Learn more about Epos Now Order & Pay.

Setting up an in-store pickup service

With social distancing still in effect, many retailers can offer in-store pickup to make shopping easier for customers. 

Pickup is a great way to stay profitable despite business interruptions. It gives you an opportunity to satisfy existing customers and attract new ones, all while minimizing human contact. 

With an Epos Now Retail POS System, you’re able to offer pickup without any additional integrations or apps.

Read our guide on setting up in-store pickup.

Creating an online store

To help our retail customers get online and continue selling, we’ve partnered with BigCommerce, one of the largest and most renowned out-of-the-box e-commerce platforms in the world. Our integration with BigCommerce gives retailers the ability to seamlessly create an online shop, allowing them to continue trading and meeting demand throughout any interruptions.

Create your own online store today with BigCommerce and get your first 3 months free!

For advice and guidance on how to create a fully-loaded online store in a matter of hours, see our complete step-by-step guide on creating an online shop with BigCommerce.

Free printable social distancing signs

If you are offering collection services at your restaurant or store, consider using our free social distancing signs so you can create a COVID secure space for your staff and customers.

Click here to get our free social distancing signs.