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How to Measure Success in Business

Self-assessment is a crucial part of any business, but with so many elements to consider, how do you measure success?

Published on 2022.5.24

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How to Analyse Your POS Data

One of the biggest advantages of a POS system is the informative reports they generate on sales. But so many businesses struggle to take advantage.

Published on 2022.3.31

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How Can Retail POS Systems Help to Increase my Profits?

The best POS systems bring with them a host of benefits, all designed aimed at getting the most out of every transaction. From sale to restocking, find out how!

Published on 2022.2.10

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What are the Top 10 Trends in Hospitality in 2022?

Read our list of top 10 trends in the hospitality industry, so you can keep on top of business and stay #relevant.

Published on 2022.1.26


Diminishing Marginal Utility in Simple Terms

Utility is used to measure customer satisfaction and preferences. Diminishing marginal utility is when a customer becomes less satisfied with a business or product with each interaction they have with them/it.

Published on 2021.9.29


The 8 Most Effective KPIs in Retail

Key performance indicators are clearly defined metrics that measure and assess business performance. KPIs may be based on sales, inventory, costs, and many more business factors.

Published on 2021.8.12

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What are the most profitable small businesses?

We've compiled a list of most profitable small businesses in terms of low operating and startup costs, high possibility of growth and expansion, and best paid wages. 

Published on 2021.6.11

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Restaurant Competitor Analysis: Template and Examples

Can your new restaurant hold its own against competitors? Learn how to evaluate your competition to maximise your chances of success. 

Published on 2021.3.19

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What is a POS report?

Learn the basics of POS reports and see what types of reports you can create with your system.

Published on 2021.2.15

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