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Three Essential POS Integrations For Retailers

James Shaw
18 Nov. 2023

As we begin to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic - and what it meant for small business - one thing is abundantly clear: Businesses that harnessed and leveraged the latest technologies were far better placed than their more-traditional counterparts to effectively weather the storm. 

Indeed, at the height of the outbreak, when most major economies entered into a state of hibernation, those businesses equipped with the latest technology were often able to discover and open new revenue streams with relative ease. They leveraged data to explore new possibilities and alternative models, and found ways of communicating with customers to sustain revenue and expand “share of mind”.   

Even in normal times, technology is a clear driver of business success. Many stores and restaurants are simply stuck in past, wedded to outdated, manual processes. This is impacting not just their bottom line, but also the wider customer experience. Conversely, stores and venues that have embraced the latest innovations in product management and marketing can be found freeing-up cash flow, building brand loyalty, automating laborious processes, and unlocking new, efficient revenue streams.  

In light of the stark contrast between tech-savvy and more outdated business, we’ve looked into three essential POS integrations that can future proof any business. Each is readily accessible, low-cost, and compatible with our cloud point of sale systems.

Open your business to the world with ecommerce

The landscape of global commerce is undoubtedly changing, and consumers - especially millennials and Gen-Zers - are shifting away from the traditional high street and shopping malls, while spending more online.

Perhaps you’re already selling online, or maybe you’ve considered it but don’t know where to start. In any case, integrating with a leading ecommerce platform like Shopify allows you to expand your presence overnight, unlocking new revenue streams while reaching millions of potential new customers. It’s a low-risk, yet incredibly high-reward, move for any retail business. 

A modern cloud-based POS system will allow you to synchronise your online and physical stores for seamless stock and customer management, all from one centralised system. This means that there’s no risk of selling the same item twice, and you can even try online promotions to clear slow-moving stock to free-up vital cash flow.

Shopify POS integration

Epos Now currently integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce, two of the most well-known e-commerce platforms. Both platforms allow you to create beautiful branded websites, optimised to appear in search engines. With either Shopify or WooCommerce, you can build a new ecommerce website and sync it with your POS system, all in a matter of hours - instantly strengthening your business model.

Reward your biggest fans with a loyalty integration

Taking care of your existing customers is undoubtedly more important than gaining new ones. Retention is not only far cheaper than acquisition, but building an army of brand advocates can result in consistent long-term revenue.

A loyalty integration will allow you to automatically reward customers with a set amount of points per transaction, meaning they’ll keep returning to build up points and reap the rewards. You can then set your own redemption levels so your customers can spend their points in store.

LoyalZoo POS integration

Our Loyalzoo POS integration allows you to give your customers a digital or physical reward card that is branded completely customisable.

You can set up either a fixed “one size fits all” reward program, or set different tiers depending on spend. What’s more, you can even set up a “prime-style” loyalty scheme with memberships and recurring payments, to offer your customers more for a monthly fee.

Stay in touch with customers through email marketing

As the world moves away from printed adverts on bus shelters, in newspapers and direct mail, online is the way you need to keep in touch with and communicate with customers.

It’s likely you’re already using social media, but to really future-proof your business you need to go for a more direct approach via email marketing.

By integrating with MailChimp, you’re able to use customer data stored within your POS system to directly market to customers. Each email can be personalised using their name, and you can even segment customers based on what type of products they buy.

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business and communicate special offers and deals. In the modern age, consumers constantly have access to their emails so you can fire off reminders on the go.

Contact us today to discover the POS integrations that can future-proof your business, and help you to compete with the giants.