5 Retail POS Integrations Your Store Needs

Written by Austin Chegini

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Point of sale systems are no longer accessory devices that make running your store more efficient. In today’s competitive retail industry, choosing the right POS system can make or break your store.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you opt for a system that has these retail POS integrations. 

1. E-commerce

Online shopping is growing rapidly, averaging a 23% increase each year. Yet, 46% of U.S. small businesses do not have a website. Without an e-commerce integration, your store is missing out on online sales. Even more, customers may be discouraged to visit your store in person if you do not have an online presence.  

Setting up an online store also helps you prepare for unexpected closures. Whether you must close for a few days because of a power outage or months because of a global pandemic, selling online creates a secondary revenue stream to keep you afloat. 

Lastly, creating a website allows you to enter new markets. Perhaps you are a local favorite but are not ready to open a second retail store in another city. With e-commerce, you can still tap into these locations and become a household name without ever building a brick and mortar store. 

2. Payment processing

Although paying with cash is simple, more and more Americans are turning to digital payments when visiting stores. CNBC reports that nearly half of Americans have less than $20 in their wallets at any given time. Implementing a payment processing POS integration will allow you to appeal to a larger pool of consumers. 

On top of this, digital payments help protect your store and customers from fraudulent transactions. With chip and pin technology, you can worry less about chargebacks due to credit card skimming scams. And because all transactions meet PCI compliance standards, your customers can shop without any concerns about their data being stolen. 

In light of recent events, you will want a payment processor that supports contactless payments. Customers and staff will not have to touch cards or surfaces since all payments can be made with a tap of a credit card or phone. 

3. Bookkeeping

Do you spend too much time tracking expenses and adding them to your accounting software? Bookkeeping POS integrations can make the process incredibly simple and reduce your workload dramatically. With one-tap uploads, you can map expenses, income, and other financials to platforms like  Quickbooks and Xero. 

Not only does this save time, but you also reduce the likelihood of user error with these integrations. After a long day, it is easy to miss data in a spreadsheet or account for the same item twice. Let a computer do it for you so you can focus on growing your business instead.

4. Email marketing

How often do you stay in touch with your customers? The majority of consumers say they prefer brands to contact them by email. Whether you are sending out company updates, community news, or promotional material, all emails help you build a relationship with your customers. 

If you follow our advice and build an e-commerce website, you will want to implement an email marketing POS integration. These two items go hand-in-hand, especially since email campaigns drive 20% of traffic for online sales. 

With an email platform like Mailchimp, you don’t have to actively write and send emails. You only need to create automated emails that trigger after certain events. When a customer signs up for your newsletter, they receive a welcome email. If they add an item to their cart but close the website, they will receive an abandoned cart email. 

Whether you are at the gym, on vacation, or asleep, your emails will automatically work to boost your retail business sales.

5. Loyalty program

What do you do to make your repeat customer feel valued? Investing in these loyal shoppers carries much more weight than you might think. Research shows that repeat shoppers spend more than their first order. Also, it costs more to find new shoppers than it does to retain current customers. 

Moreover, consumers want personalized services, and meeting this expectation can mean increased profits. Survey data shows that 49% of shoppers will make an impulse buy if they receive personal attention, and 44% will convert into repeat customers after this custom care. 

With retail POS integrations, you can create loyalty cards and track how frequently guests shop and how much they spend. With this data, you can award people who cross set thresholds to encourage them to continue shopping with you. 

Get the most out of your point of sale

The Epos Now cloud POS connects with many leading applications to make running your store more efficient. Our retail POS integrations help you can focus on expanding your brand and interacting with customers. 

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