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Congrats, You’re Expanding! Tips for Opening a New Branch

We’ve collected advice from entrepreneurs who share the things they wish they knew before expanding their business, our own top tips, and some red flags to look out for when opening a new branch.

Published on 2021.10.18

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What is a Partnership Agreement?

In this blog, we will explore what a partnership agreement is and how to navigate it to set your business up for success.

Published on 2021.10.9


How to Legally Trademark a Business Name

A step-by-step guide on how to trademark a name, with links to application portals, pricing, and some extra tips that will prevent your application from being declined. Let's get started!

Published on 2021.10.7


What is a Merchant Acquirer?

Merchant acquirers, sometimes known as acquiring banks, are part of the payment process that occurs when a customer pays using card. They collect and process card payments on behalf of retailers.

Published on 2021.10.6

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What is a Contractor?

If you want to know what a contractor is, this blog tells you everything you’ll need to know.

Published on 2021.10.5


Invoice Payment Terms: What They Mean and How to Apply Them

Payment terms are rules surrounding how buyers will make payments during a sale. Payment terms can also refer to the terminology used on invoices. This guide explores some common payment terms, what they are, and how to use them to your advantage to make sure you get paid on time.

Published on 2021.10.1

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What is a Business Structure?

In this blog, we’ll take you through what a business structure is, how to choose one, and what all the different types of business structures are.

Published on 2021.9.30

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What Are Allowable Expenses in Business?

Allowable expenses are essential business costs that you don’t have to pay tax on. Here, we cover which expenses are tax-deductible, which aren’t, and what changes when you’re self-employed, or work from home. 

Published on 2021.9.30


Diminishing Marginal Utility in Simple Terms

Utility is used to measure customer satisfaction and preferences. Diminishing marginal utility is when a customer becomes less satisfied with a business or product with each interaction they have with them/it.

Published on 2021.9.29

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