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Christmas Marketing Slogans To Use This December

Danielle Collard
14 Nov. 2022

December makes or breaks the year for retail and hospitality alike. The month can feel like a continual Christmas party of lovers, families, and friends all looking for the perfect Christmas gift: a strong Christmas sale can make for a jolly holiday for both business and customer.

Figuring out what customers want isn't the tricky part. Christmas customers want decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, holiday cheer, and a winter wonderland. But finding ways to make your Christmas gifts stand out in a holiday season when every business competes for every piece of Christmas shopping and every meal out.

So what do companies use to make their Christmas deals stand out? Slogans!

What makes good Christmas marketing slogans?

When it comes to marketing, it doesn't get bigger than Christmas. As a result, the holiday season is chockful of familiar traditional and seasonal taglines. This means retailers and restaurants have many options when finding a slogan to settle on.

Most of the ideas your team comes up with will have been used before, so there's no need to worry if you don't feel your slogan will be completely original. Christmas is the time of year tradition takes over.

A good Christmas slogan will match the product it sells. A good slogan will help to evoke the strongest aspect of the Christmas experience that your offer provides. This might mean a simple "Make yours a merry Christmas!" or it could be a more wintry "Let it snow!".

Your slogan needs to capitalize on your customer's feelings when considering your product, creating a robust seasonal emotion that draws them into the sale.

There are different ways of doing this, so let's try some examples to help you realize which Christmas slogan best suits this year's offer.

Traditional Christmas slogans

Traditional Christmas slogans tend to be those you expect to see every year. But consumers often relish the familiarity, reliability, and simple joy they provide:

Merry Christmas, love Santa Claus

'Tis the season to be jolly; deck the halls with our Christmas deal

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Find the Christmas spirit with our prices on spirits

You'll hear the bells ringing when you find out about our knockdown prices

Holy Christmas! It's our December sale!

Typical features in traditional slogans

If you're aiming for a traditional angle on your Christmas marketing, some handy features to include might involve phrases and things found in carols or the nativity, such as angels; stars; holly; shepherds and sheep. There's no shortage of traditional Christmas symbols that many will remember from childhood. Christmas lights, robins, candles, mistletoe, candy canes, and bells. A red and green color theme tends to be common throughout December.

Target emotions of traditional slogans

Traditional seasonal marketing tends to focus on the family, community, and lighting up the darkest time of the year with light and warmth. Your marketing should therefore focus on showing how your products could bring joy to family and friends.

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Christmas slogans for evenings by the fire

Plenty of shoppers will think Christmas is the season of warm wishes and gentle evenings of treats and television. For those customers, finding the right slogan to pin beside your biscuit tins or mulled wine might win you their extra purchases:

All I want for Christmas is __

Reindeer pies lit by Christmas lights. It's that time of year for all your food favorites

It's that time of the year! Warm your home with our wonderful deal

Let it snow all season; have a warm and wonderful Christmas with these finds!

Christmas comes once a year: enjoy yours with __

What better way to send love to those you'll miss this Christmas than with __

Come Christmas morning, find me under your Christmas tree

Make sure your gifts bring holiday lights to your loved ones with our glowing gift-wrap service

Enjoy a relaxing, joyful holiday season with 3 for 2 on our range of winter treats

Typical items used to create cozy Christmas slogans

There's no better way to warm someone's inside than a cozy Christmas slogan. For lots of people, Christmas is a time of sitting by the fire. To market to these consumers, focus on warm images of log fires, bows and wreaths, candles, woolly Christmas sweaters, sugary biscuits, and tinsel-covered Christmas trees.

Target emotions of cozy Christmas slogans

Naturally, to market a cozy Christmas, your adverts will need to feel safe, warm, and indulgent.

 As for most of these Christmas themes, the imagery and design of your marketing materials will be key, but creating a sense of coziness requires softer tones over the bold colors used in other places.

Wintry Christmas slogans

A white Christmas of snowy streets and the glow of streetlights on wet pavements can be a favorite theme among Christmas shoppers. might work especially well among hospitality companies, whose restaurants and hotels never look more inviting than when it's snowy outside:

We'll let it snow savings on Christmas deals all December

Come shopping in our winter wonderland!

Don't dream of a white Christmas: make it your own

Snow time like the present to buy yourself a present

It's hard to flake on our once-a-year Christmas deals

Every snowflake is unique, like our Chrismas gifts: just for you

Mother Nature's gift this winter is our organic Christmas ___

It's that time of year to wrap up warm with our __

Typical symbols in winter slogans

Winter themes work well for companies as they don't require the same frantic removal as many other Christmas decorations. They can sit throughout the following month until Valentine's Day takes over. Symbols of winter include woolly hats and gloves, smoking chimneys, snow, snowflakes, icicles, holly, nuts and berries, robins, pine, igloos, polar bears, penguins, evergreen trees and many other natural features.

Target emotions of winter slogans

Winter can be difficult to evoke, as emotions associated with the season often conflict with the usual Christmas feelings. Winter evokes introspection and quiet solitude. Nevertheless, a crisp winter morning can inspire positivity, especially when combined with other Christmas themes, which makes incorporating a touch of wintriness into your Christmas marketing very valuable.

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Slogan ideas for family-oriented Christmas cheer

As a parent, Christmas is a chance to see your children having the time of their lives. It's also a time for all the family to get together, which means buying in bulk and finding ways to provide good value:

Feed the whole family this holiday season with bargain brussels and Christmas day essentials

Discover the magic of Christmas shopping in our winter wonderland

Find your reason for the season with our Christmas day must-haves

Is it even Christmas without __ for all the family

Give your family an early Christmas gift: choose an advent calendar to enjoy all month

Make it a simply beautiful holiday season: we have gifts to win a smile from the whole family

Typical symbols to evoke Christmassy moods

Giving parents, grandparents, children, aunts, and uncles a chance to say merry Christmas to those they love can be a powerful marketing angle that many businesses utilize this season. There are multiple ways to invoke a wholesome sense of family during the holiday season: sharing boxes, ribbon-decorated family packs, children's toys, and matching mum and dad items. It can also be done through the simpler sides of Christmas: the tree, the star, the tinsel, and glittering present boxes.

Target emotions of family-oriented Christmas marketing

Christmas and family go together like ducks and water. Your marketing towards families at Christmas doesn't need to be too complicated and should hope to create a sense of simple warmth and love with a healthy dose of Santa, childish wonder, and reminders of the magic of Christmas.

Santa slogans to market Christmas presents

When it comes to the Christmas season, Santa Claus is a firm favorite for slogans, especially for retailers. Children love him, and as the premier gift-giver, what retailer wouldn't want to be associated with him when the Christmas shoppers head out the door:

Save Santa the trip: buy our bargain gifts

Dear Santa: don't worry about us this year. We got everything we need from ___

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas. Thanks for this awesome Christmas gift

Please your pet with a visit from Santa Paws!

Make sure your cat has a very meowy Christmas with the best Christmas gifts for your pets

Don't rush like Santa on Christmas eve: get ahead through our December delivery offer

Watch out! Santa's flying!

Sorry Santa, but we bet you can't beat these deals

Typical symbols surrounding Santa Claus

Other than Santa himself, there are lots of other figures associated with him that you could use in your marketing slogans: his grotto at the North pole, his elves, his sleigh and reindeer, Mrs. Claus, his red and white outfit (or even the pre-Coca Cola green shade), a sack of presents, or even just his long, white beard.

Target emotions of Santa-based marketing

Sometimes, adults can get so caught up in the Christmas cheer. It bears reminding that more than anything else Santa is symbolic of childhood and the emotion and wonder associated with childhood.

Using Santa Claus in marketing can be most effective around the magical joy of Christmas that children tend to feel most strongly about. So you should create marketing materials that evoke wonder and magic, innocence and youth, jolliness, and that captivating "Christmas spirit"!

Christmas slogans to set a party mood

Christmas is the time to start celebrating the good things in life: friends, family, and fun. So getting your customers in the party mood with your marketing materials is a fantastic way to get them to spend more. It can also lead to some fun, more playful slogans:

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle: Our party pack has you covered

Eat, drink and jingle with cut-price party prices

It's a non-stop Christmas party shop

It's jingle bell time! Get your party poppers and more right here!

Ho, ho, hope you have a Merry Christmas

Welcome to our Christmas price-cutting party: everything's __ off!

Rock around our Christmas shop and get all your party essentials at low prices!

Typical symbols in December party slogans

Whether you're targeting the office Christmas party, the Christmas Eve dances, or anyone living it up in December, there are plenty of Christmas party symbols you can use to set the mood in your slogans: party poppers, Christmas crackers, party hats, champagne, reindeer antlers, elf hats, baubles and much more. Party slogans may well be the place to cut loose with your marketing ideas and get creative.

Emotions of the Christmas party

Everybody knows that parties are the time for unrivaled revelry, and Christmas parties are no different. A precursor to New Year's Eve, whether it's the annual Christmas party at the office, or a family gathering, marketing to party planners means popping the cork on the champagne with bold color, brightness, extravagance, and a sense of release.

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