The perfect POS options for non-profits

Use a point of sale (POS) system that makes it easier than ever to collect money for your worthy cause. Make sales simple and volunteer management easy. 

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Your all-in-one solution for non-profits

Save time

Epos Now POS systems save our customers an average of 10 hours a month on admin and staff management. 

Complete flexibility

With our range of POS accessories, you can build a system that meets the unique needs of the non-profit sector. 

Inventory management

Quickly upload and update your stock. With an Epos Now system, you’ll know exactly what you have in store. 

Everything a non-profit needs

Running a charity shop requires dedication, time, and patience. Epos Now helps you give your all to your charity. 

  • Managing several shops? Epos Now systems can easily handle multiple locations 
  • Take all methods of payment and process transactions with speed and security 
  • Easily sort products by type, colour, size, and more
  • Access to-the-minute sales data to see exactly how much your charity is making
  • Staff management tools let you handle multiple volunteers in just a few clicks

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Amazing apps to help your business

Our customers get instant access to our industry-leading Epos Now AppStore. You’ll be able to take advantage of 130+ integrations and customise your system to meet the unique needs of your charity. 

Create loyalty programmes using apps like Epos Now Loyalty to get customers returning to your shop, without any extra cost to your organisation. 

Simplify the process of managing volunteers with one of our team management apps. 

Get a complete view of your finances with our accountancy apps, like Xero or QuickBooks.

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Simplified stock management for non-profits

Anyone who runs a charity shop knows how difficult it can be to stay on top of your stock and keep it organised. 

All Epos Now devices, including the Complete Solution, come with advanced inventory management tools that will help you keep your shop tidy and well-organised. 

Inventory management can take hours that could be better spent elsewhere. Our tools allow you to control stock in minutes, rather than hours.

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Enjoy complete payment flexibility

With Epos Now Payments, all transactions are processed at one fixed rate, no matter the card.

Unlike other payment providers, our fixed rate means you know exactly how much money your charity will be receiving.

Epos Now Payments delivers simple, fast, and functional payment solutions that connect seamlessly with your point of sale. With easy onboarding, clear pricing, and a single service team for all your support, we make payments simple for your charity.

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Custom sales insights

In a charity shop, you never quite know what you’ll get in your donations. This means that your stock can be very diverse. 

As you make sales, your Epos Now system automatically records and collates your transactions into easy-to-read sales reports. 

With this sales information, you can see what kinds of items are most popular with your customers and outfit your shop to maximise sales.

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If you'd like to know how else Epos Now can help your charity, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions below.


What is the best POS system for charity shops?

The best point of sale (POS) system for charity shops offers fast service when shoppers are in a hurry and gives full control to merchants at all times. 

To protect your business and customers, you should look for a cloud-based POS system with secure payment processing. Traditional devices store your data locally, making them vulnerable to fire, theft, and other damage. A cloud-based system keeps all data on remote servers. Pair this system with a PCI-compliant card processor to ensure the safe handling of your customers' payment information.

What integrations should I have for my charity shop POS system?

The best integrations for charity shops will simplify business operations. To start, you should pair your system with accounting software to streamline bookkeeping. Next, you will want to add a digital receipt integration to cut paper costs and waste.

Since charity shops are staples of a community, your POS solution should tap into loyalty schemes and marketing platforms. These integrations will help you connect with your repeat shoppers to demonstrate how much they mean to you and to encourage them to continue visiting your store.

The best POS for non-profits

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