The perfect POS option for non-profits

Use the point of sale (POS) system that makes it easier than ever to manage volunteers, sort through inventory, and complete sales transactions quickly.

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The ideal POS system for charity stores


Spend more time on your mission and save an average of 10 hours a month on admin and staff management. 

Complete flexibility

Tailor your POS system to meet the unique needs of the charity sector with our POS accessories and apps.

Stock management

Use sophisticated inventory management tools that save you hours of time with the simple click of a button.

Everything a non-profit, charity or thrift store needs

Running a charity store requires patience, time, and dedication. Epos Now POS systems save you precious time to re-invest in your charity. 

  • Identify top-selling categories and easily sort your products by type, colour, size, and more

  • Accept payments quickly, including online sales, contactless payments, and digital wallets

  • Access real-time reports and make informed decisions about your charity

  • Build a community with sophisticated staff and volunteer management technology

  • Managing several shops? Epos Now systems can easily handle multiple locations 

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Easy inventory management for charity stores

Running a non-profit means you'll have to process large volumes of donated goods. Keeping on top of stock variances, especially in larger organisations, can be difficult.

Every Epos Now POS system, including the Complete Solution, has advanced inventory management features that will help you keep your store tidy and well-organised

Manual stock checks can take hours that could be better spent elsewhere. Our tools allow you to control stock in minutes rather than hours.

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Incredible apps to help your business

For the benefit of our customers, we maintain an industry-leading App Store filled with everything you need to meet your specific needs.  

Loyalty apps, like Epos Now Loyalty, get customers returning to your store and let you design your own loyalty program. 

Volunteer management for non-profits and any fundraising event becomes a breeze with one of our team management apps. 

Accountancy is no one's favourite part of the job. Simplify the process with accountancy apps, like Xero or QuickBooks.

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Perfect payment processing

Epos Now Payments, our first-party payment processing service, offers our customers an easier way to handle in-person transactions.

Epos Now Payments seamlessly integrates with your POS system. With free onboarding, simplified pricing, and a single service team for all your support.

It's now even easier to track your cash flow and know how much you're making, thanks to our fixed rates on card transactions.**

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Invaluable sales insights

From sales transactions to cafes to thrift stores, there are many revenue streams available to non-profits and charities.

With our automated sales reports, you can make sense of your financials and make informed decisions about your business.

As you trade, your POS software collects your sales data and converts it into easy-to-read sales reports, which you can get emailed to you for regular analysis, or see on your customisable dashboard.

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If you'd like to know how else Epos Now can help your charity, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions below.


What is a POS system?

A point of sale, or POS, system is a specialised computer system that simplifies the daily processes of retail and hospitality non-profits. These systems generally consist of a POS terminal and cloud-based software. Additional POS accessories are also available.

The function of a POS system is to conduct transactions, speed up admin, and create sales reports. Systems like the Epos Now Complete Solution also feature functions like stock management tools, various integrations, and payment processing services.

What is the best POS system for charity shops?

The best POS for non-profit and charity store businesses is a system that offers a variety of features and functions, a user-friendly interface, and advanced business management tools. You may also benefit from a mobile device POS system that allows you to conduct transactions and check your Back Office from anywhere!

Cloud-based systems like Epos Now offer greater flexibility in operating your charity. With Epos Now Payments, you can accept multiple payment types, such as mobile payments, credit and debit cards, and digital wallets.

Expanding your operation with online revenue streams? With an Epos Now POS system, you can easily offer discounted rates, introduce online sales, and even add loyalty schemes.

What integrations should I have for my charity shop POS system?

In the complex environments faced by charity retailers or hospitality businesses, you need integrations that will simplify your day-to-day operations and let you focus on your fundraising events and your mission.

First, your best option is to synchronise your charity retail POS system with one of our accountancy apps. This will streamline your financial admin and give you a better overview of your ingoings and outgoings. QuickBooks or Xero are excellent options, with millions of combined users worldwide.

Then, a staff management app will help you handle the volunteers and staff members you coordinate daily. Ensuring their skills are best applied in the right place is important to get the most out of your volunteers and team members. For instance, if you operate a charity cafe, your kitchen staff shouldn't be assigned to sort through financial donations. Deputy is a great team management app that's sure to help you.

Our award-winning app suite covers almost everything you could need from your POS system. Loyalty programs are helpful in that they encourage people to visit your shop again and again. Digital receipt integrations can help cut down on paper usage and costs. In the end, it's up to you to decide what would work best for your charity but our knowledgeable team are ready and waiting to assist you.

Does Epos Now POS systems accept donations for my charity?

No, we do not currently offer a way to directly collect donations through your Epos Now POS system. If you already have an existing collection system, you may be able to integrate it with your point-of-sale system through our open API application. Be sure to contact our team to talk through your options.

The best POS for non-profits

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