Speed up service with our takeaway POS system

Fast food needs a fast POS system. Take orders quickly and deliver super, fast-paced service with our POS system created for takeaway restaurants and businesses.

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Quicker trade

Speed up service with instant order processing on the Epos Now kitchen display system

Multiple channels

Get 48% faster delivery and increase your revenue by up to 25% with Epos Now Delivery.

Easier sales

Epos Now Payments saves your team over 4 hours during sales every month.

Everything you need in one package

Our takeaway POS system contains all the tools you need to adapt, gain new customers, increase profit and remain future proof.​

  • Set up, onboard, and train staff in minutes​
  • Access your business insights through any device, on-the-go​
  • Real-time reporting on staff, customers, sales, margin and stock​
  • Use standalone, or connect to hundreds of apps, including payment systems, accounting software and much more​

Touchscreen POS terminal, cash drawer, and built-in printer included - everything you need to manage your takeaway business.

WAS $1,199, NOW FROM $799*

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The takeaway POS system that delivers speed, simplicity, and savings

Reduce operating costs

Improve efficiency, bring down costs, and get more visibility. Use our advanced inventory management to save time, reduce wastage, and limit cash flow tied up in stock.

Streamline your business

On-board and train staff in minutes, and manage everything, including sales, stock, staff, on one system, accessible from any location and device.

Offer delivery & collection

With handheld ordering devices and online ordering integrations, you can consolidate all orders through your POS & send them straight to your kitchen​.  

Offer seamless online ordering with Epos Now Order & Pay

Create a branded profile for your takeaway business on the app-less mobile ordering platform that lets customers browse, order, and pay from their phones.

  • Provide a fully-contactless cafe experience with app-less table ordering
  • Offer delivery and pickup services, and seamlessly manage orders from your Epos Now system
  • Let customers place orders and select the pick-up slots that work for them
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Receive orders straight to the kitchen

Take the complexity out of managing orders with a kitchen display system that streamlines service and enhances communication.

  • Synchronise your front and back of house to improve speed and accuracy
  • Accurately track order times
  • Real-time sync for order changes or last-minute amends
  • Reduce errors and wastage - boosting profits and improving service
  • Integrate online ordering for one complete view
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Limit wastage with simple and transparent stock control

Save hours of time and get full visibility over your stock with our smart inventory management software.

  • Track inventory real-time, right down to the ingredient level​
  • Automate purchase orders and stock levels so you never run out of what you need
  • Minimise cash-flow tied up in stock​ and containers
  • Manage stock seamlessly between multiple locations
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Empower your staff to create exceptional customer experiences

Give your staff the tools they need to satisfy your customers and generate repeat business.

  • Create rewards and loyalty schemes to encourage continued visits
  • Grant special discounts and incentives to your biggest fans
  • Attach images and notes to menu items so staff can answer questions quickly and accurately
  • Use intuitive processes to ensure that service remains speedy, even during peak periods
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Grow your business and reach new customers with leading integrations

Attracting new customers and driving repeat business is the key to takeaway success. Grow your business with a range of industry-leading tools, hand-picked to help takeaway businesses thrive.

  • Integrate with major food delivery partners and keep serving through any restrictions
  • Introduce loyalty and rewards programmes to attract new customers and drive repeat business
  • Connect to over 100 apps and services, including leading accountancy software, CRM tools, and more
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Leverage data to optimise and grow your business

Use leading reporting and management tools to reduce operational costs and identify opportunities for revenue growth.

  • Identify your best-sellers and underperforming products to make smarter decisions about your menu
  • Introduce and retire menu items based on trending takeaway purchases and profitability
  • Manage containers and packaging closely, identifying wastage simply with detailed order logs
  • Harness the power of popular accountancy tools to keep track of margin and simplify your daily management processes
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Enjoy complete payment flexibility

Keep checkout payments quick and painless with Epos Now Payments.  

As well as integrating with every major payment provider, we make it easier than ever to accept all card types with our straightforward processing rates. Enjoy fixed rates on card transactions**, with no extra charges on contactless or eWallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Start saving more with our surcharge feature, sparing your business from the cost of card charges. Designed to keep payments easy, speedy and safe​.

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Award-winning support team

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​

​We provide round-the-clock support, as well as personalised, one-on-one onboarding, training and coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions.


What is a takeaway POS system?

A takeaway POS system helps to manage all aspects of your business. It syncs up your servers and your chefs. It allows staff to send orders to the kitchen, accept cash and card payments, track inventory levels, generate business reports, and much more.

The POS system should also integrate with applications to assist with online ordering, accounting, marketing, and more. 

What are the best takeaway POS integrations?

The best POS integrations improve targeted areas of your takeaway, so the right combination varies with each business. However, most takeaways should consider integrated payment processing, online ordering apps, loyalty, marketing, and accounting integrations. These can all help you to sell more meals faster or boost the efficiency of your daily operations. 

How do I set up an online ordering system?

There are a few options when looking to set up online ordering for your takeaway.

One lets you take orders on your website. You can create a form that allows users to complete a transaction, start to finish, through you site, including choosing from your menu, paying, and tracking their order. Depending on your takeaway, you may need to work and invest in creating this system, linking your site to your POS, and designing bespoke software. This method requires more manual effort but it gives you complete control. 

The second option is to try online ordering apps like Deliveroo. Customer orders can still be sent directly to your kitchen display, which speeds up service and simplifies your process, leaving your staff less to do. Accounting becomes easier, too, since transactional information will be recorded in your Back Office.

You can still integrate online ordering apps with your POS system for a more streamlined experience. Take a look at Epos Now's AppStore to learn more!

What are the benefits of online food ordering?

When you add online ordering systems to businesses, you access several benefits. Here are some of the main ways for takeaways: 

  • Online ordering simplifies your business. Orders go directly to a kitchen display, sales are recorded automatically in your back office, and digital payments mean less time counting cash at the till. 
  • It expands your potential customer base. Some customers may crave your food but do not have the time to wait or ability to reach your business to make purchases at your takeaway. With an online system, they can place their order and pick it up when it best suits their schedule. 
  • Online ordering can lead to higher spending. Through upselling, with strategic discounts and add-ons, online ordering gives you the opportunity to increase a customer's order size. Takeaways using online ordering can increase their revenue by an average of 30%. 

Does Epos Now let you set up surcharging?

Yes! Our surcharge feature is your ticket to saving big by offsetting card charges.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments.

Then, with each sale, a receipt will print with the surcharge value shown, and you'll even spot the surcharge value in your Back Office reports.

Learn more about surcharging in our handy blog.

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