Connect with more customers on leading food delivery platforms

Expand your customer reach by promoting your restaurant on the most popular food ordering channels on the market.

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Offer quick and convenient delivery no matter where your diners are

Reach customers where they are

Increase your reach by allowing customers to order your food from major food delivery platforms like Just Eat, Doordash, and UberEats.

Streamlined ordering process

Never miss an order with auto accept. Orders are sent directly to your POS and kitchen for fewer errors and quicker food output.

All-in-one delivery dashboard

Track orders, view customer requests and review online sales data and analytics from one place.

Multichannel order management in 3 simple steps

Epos Now Delivery simplifies the online ordering process for restaurants and customers. It works in three simple steps: 

  • Customers place their order on their preferred ordering platforms, like JustEat, UberEats, or DoorDash.
  • The order details are sent directly to your point of sale (POS) system.
  • Orders are sent to the kitchen display screen (KDS) or are printed out as a docket.
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Epos Now Delivery by the numbers

Epos Now Delivery is hosted by Otter, specialists in connecting restaurants with leading food ordering platforms. On average, Otter customers achieve:


Increase in order volume


Decrease in order issues


Increase in sales


Decrease in lost sales

Cost-saving automations

Epos Now Delivery automates four vital areas of the ordering process: recording order details, payments, informing the kitchen, and inventory management.

Free up your staff so they can focus on in-store customers, and simplify the ordering process for customers waiting at home. 

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Total menu flexibility

Create variable menus then push them out to multiple platforms within minutes. Choose what’s available in specific delivery locations, at different times of the day, or depending on which app they order from. 

If your restaurant is too busy, turn on "busy mode" or temporarily hide specific items from the menu. 

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Improve reach on trusted ordering platforms

Let customers find you through their favourite food ordering platforms. By appearing on multiple platforms, your restaurant can improve brand awareness and outreach without undertaking expensive marketing campaigns and paid advertisements. 

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Drive sales with data

View the sales reports that matter to you. Filter data by individual menu item performance, ordering platform, location or time of day. 

Create more efficient menus based on your data. Reorganise your categories and products, set upsells or quickly edit menu items.

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Simplify multi-platform management

View and manage multiple online platforms from one centralised location. Search order IDs across numerous delivery channels for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Rank higher on those online platforms because of faster processing and preparation time and fewer errors.

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Start taking online orders today

Watch how your restaurant grows when you connect it with a world of online customers. 

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