The pharmacy POS that keeps your business healthy

Prescribe yourself a pharmacy POS system that helps you spend less time on business admin, inventory, and accounting and more time with customers.

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Quicker transactions

Save over 4 hours per month during sales with the Epos Now Payments integration.

Easier management

Save up to 10 hours every month on staff admin and business management.

Accurate accounts

Export sales data with the Quickbooks app, saving over 8 hours of work per month.

Build your pharmacy management system to control all trade from one place

Look no further! Our POS system is designed specifically for pharmacies! With our pharmacy management software and hardware, you can:

  • Keep track of your inventory in real-time to ensure you never run out of essential medications or supplies
  • Automate purchase orders to avoid stockouts and keep your shelves stocked
  • Accept multiple payment types, including debit and credit cards, contactless payments, and mobile payments
  • Access your data from anywhere with cloud-based POS software
  • Manage multiple sites from one pharmacy point of sale system
  • Use standalone, or connect to hundreds of apps, including payment systems, accounting software, and much more​

POS system, cash drawer, and receipt printer included - everything you need to do business.​

 WAS $999, NOW FROM $139*

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Deliver spectacular service with a superior pharmacy POS

Speed up service

Built with a focus on customer service, your system speeds up every part of the customer journey from check-in to checkout. 

Streamline operations

All Epos Now systems are designed with ease of use in mind. Access all your information and handle operations from one location. 

Keep them coming back

Boost footfall and keep customers coming back with loyalty programmes and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Stay organised with advanced inventory

Keep track of your pharmacy's inventory and ensure you always have the right products with our pharmacy POS system.

  • Save time and reduce errors with automated inventory management
  • Accurately track stock levels and set up low stock alerts to avoid running out of essential items
  • Sync inventory levels between your physical store and online sales channels for a seamless customer experience
  • Generate reports on top-selling products, slow-moving items, and inventory trends to inform purchasing decisions
  • Easily manage expiration dates and lot numbers for medications to ensure compliance and patient safety

Our pharmacy software provides advanced inventory management features that help you streamline your operations and improve the customer experience, so you can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient service!

Pharmacy Stocktake

Simplify your sales with multiple order management options

Simplify your sales and streamline your operations with multiple order management options with our pharmacy POS system. Our POS software is designed to make your life easier, so you can focus on providing the best possible service to your customers.

  • Online ordering capabilities to make it easy for your customers to order refills and new prescriptions
  • Product management tools to help you keep track of patient records and previous sales
  • Multiple order management options, including phone orders, in-person orders, and online orders, all synced in one central system
  • Customizable order fulfilment workflows to suit the unique needs of your pharmacy
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Operate safely and reliably with real-time reporting and login features

Get to know your customers to drive more repeat business and take the guesswork out of customer relationships. With smart insights, you can learn who your customers are, what they like, and how they shop.

  • Create customer profiles that update with each purchase, providing you with valuable information about their preferences and behaviour
  • Use smart insights to develop more informed and relevant marketing campaigns that will resonate with your customers
  • Schedule timed follow-ups and abandoned cart notifications to remind customers about items they may have forgotten to purchase or to offer them a special promotion
  • Launch customer loyalty programs and promotions that give customers a reason to spend more with you
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Payment processing made simple

Keep checkout payments quick and painless with Epos Now Payments.  

As well as integrating with every major payment provider, we make it easier than ever to accept all card types with our straightforward processing rates. Pay a fixed rates on card transactions**, and accept contactless and eWallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay with no extra charge.

With our surcharge feature, you can pass on the cost of card charges, saving you money!

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Stay stress-free with our 24/7 customer service

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​

​We provide 24/7, round-the-clock support for your retail POS systems, as well as one-on-one onboarding, training, and coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a pharmacy POS system?

Pharmacy POS systems merge POS software and hardware solutions to speed up sales, inventory tracking, and customer management, creating a specialised system designed to help pharmacies trade. Pharmacies can then process transactions and manage inventory at speed, enabling them to track stock levels, automate reordering, and avoid stockouts.

Managing your pharmacy business also means recording, accessing and updating customer information and purchasing history, which POS systems are designed to do. A good pharmacy POS system then helps to personalise services and offer more relevant promotions to your customers. Integrating all the functions your pharmacy needs means you can manage operations easier than ever, resulting in improved customer service.

What are the best app integrations for pharmacies?

To operate a successful pharmacy business, it is crucial to possess a robust point-of-sale system tailored for your pharmacy, complete with integrated apps designed to facilitate the management of customer loyalty and improve overall business operations.

Among the top integration applications are those concentrating on bolstering customer loyalty, such as Epos Now Loyalty, and those dedicated to enhancing customer engagement and streamlining workflow management.

How can Epos Now Payments help your pharmacy business?

Epos Now Payments is a payment processing service that effortlessly integrates with your pharmacy point-of-sale (POS). With Epos Now Payments, you can handle transactions and accept payments via various methods, including debit and credit card processing, contactless payments, and more.

By providing customers with diverse payment alternatives, you can enhance customer satisfaction and elevate the overall experience at your pharmacy.

Moreover, with one fixed rate on Visa and Mastercard payments**, managing your payment processing expenses becomes significantly more convenient. Epos Now Payments offers you a straightforward and streamlined payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates with your pharmacy POS software.

Seek out companies that provide 24/7 support, as well as demonstrations and assistance for configuring your system. This ensures that you'll always have assistance available when necessary, allowing you to concentrate on delivering outstanding service to your clientele.

Does Epos Now let you set up surcharging?

Yes! Our surcharge feature is your ticket to saving big by offsetting card charges.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments.

Then, with each sale, a receipt will print with the surcharge value shown, and you'll even spot the surcharge value in your Back Office reports.

Learn more about surcharging in our handy blog.

Take your pharmacy to the next level with a tailored Epos Now POS system

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