Barcode scanner designed for your business needs

Epos Now barcode scanners speed up sales and help you provide a more reliable service. Find the ideal scanner for you, from wireless and Bluetooth 2D scanners to standalone, countertop scanners.

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The best handheld barcode readers for Australian businesses

Searching for the best barcode scanners on the market for your business? You can take advantage of the excellent range Epos Now have to offer, regardless of your store's size. 

Whether it's lower-cost machines like the USB 2D scanner, which are ideal for smaller shops, or advanced barcode scanners with wireless and Bluetooth that are suited more to supermarkets, Epos Now bears a barcode scanner for every business.

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Scan barcodes with our range of 2D barcode scanners

Wired USB barcode scanner

  • Scan reliably and quickly with plug and play technology.
  • Keep custom with damaged barcode recognition.
  • Free your fingers with the triggerless auto-scan configuration.

Bluetooth barcode scanner

  • Easily scan out of reach and awkwardly placed items.
  • Take stock of your inventory easily with a 20-metre range.
  • Sync to any Windows XP system, without installing add-ons.

The hospitality and retail industries' most sought-after scanners

At Epos Now, we believe every business should have access to POS hardware accessories that help their business succeed.

To achieve this, we've ensured that our barcode scanners are optimised for operation in the hospitality and retail industries.

No matter if you work in a bakery or bookstore, there's an Epos Now barcode scanner that will meet your needs.

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Want to know more about our barcode readers?

What are the main differences between the scanners Epos Now has to offer?

Epos Now offers a complete range of accessories to equip various businesses with the ideal hardware. This includes a variety of scanners designed to accommodate different barcode scanning preferences. Here's a look at what's available:

USB barcode scanner: The Epos Now USB 2D scanner is a budget-friendly barcode scanning solution, perfect for businesses needing a straightforward and efficient reader. This plug-and-play model combines reliability with speed and is Epos Now's most affordable device, making it ideal for cost-conscious businesses.

Wireless & Bluetooth 2D scanner: This handheld, portable scanner allows users the flexibility to move around checkouts, bars, and within a 20m range of the wireless POS scanner connection. It can access data, codes or any image beyond the reach of a USB scanner. The added features and portability make it an excellent choice for businesses with large inventories. When paired with tablets, our Bluetooth barcode scanner enhances performance during stock checks and provides a convenient way to manage products.

Omnichannel scanner: Our premium countertop scanner streamlines the checkout process by sitting next to your terminal, ready to scan at all times. This hands-free scanner speeds up transactions by allowing you to wave the barcode in front of the laser without physical contact, making it a highly efficient tool.

Which barcode scanners do Epos Now have available?

Epos Now have three main kinds of barcode scanners: the USB 2D scanner, the Bluetooth and wireless barcode scanner, and the omnidirectional countertop scanner.

These three devices can meet the needs of any hospitality and retail business, and if you compare them and find the one that suits your needs, each can provide reliable scanning for a speedy checkout that gives your business the lift it needs!

Can any barcode be scanned?

Our 2D scanners will scan barcodes in the formats commonly seen in retail and hospitality environments. However, like any tool, they need to be used correctly to get the best results.

Epos Now software registers the UPC code picked up by a scanner and translates it into numbers that match the product on your account. However, if you have not gone into your Back Office to create the product and add the barcode to your products list, then the barcode reader won't be able to add the product to your basket.

However, barcode labels (including those on the product and any shelf-edge labels you may have printed) will all be readable once added.

What is the most commonly used barcode?

When using your barcode analyser, you'll encounter the UPC type of barcode. In full, UPC stands for universal product code. These are the kind you'll see on most retail products and packaging and will be what you visualise when thinking of a typical barcode.

However, QR codes, or quick response barcodes, are often used to provide a link, for instance on restaurant tables to link to online ordering apps and webpages.

Advantages of using a barcode reader in your business

Barcode readers are an essential tool for the checkout of any business with a long product list. Scanning a barcode brings computerised speed and accuracy and is a much quicker method for looking up products than manual searching.

Scanning the images and names of products on your till can be draining on your team's minds and also makes it harder for them to engage with customers, while scanning adds simple, effective functionality to the checkout process.

With Epos Now, even setting up your barcodes and completing stock checks can be quick and simple. You can use barcode reader to scan the numbers into spreadsheets when you're preparing to import and update products (for instance through the Epos Now Bulk Import app), or for easier stocktaking.

Curious about how Epos Now can help your business? Take a look at our POS systems.