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Payment Options

Keep up with consumer demand by accepting the newest payment methods on the market. Our terminals are guaranteed to work with the following options.


Add a layer of security to your business by reducing fraud through chip-and-pin transactions.

Tap and Contactless

Quick and convenient payment experience. Simply tap the monitor with a card or mobile device.
Epos Now Payments | Why Epos Now Payments?

Why Epos Now Payments?

As a leader in retail and hospitality technology, we know what businesses need to thrive and serve their customers. Epos Now POS systems and payment processing terminals are built with flexibility in mind. Choose from our range of devices to implement the payment processing solution that suits you best.

  • Accept all payment types
    With Epos Now Payments, customers can pay with major debit and credit cards, eWallets like Apple Pay, and even services like AliPay.1

  • Simplified reporting
    All sales are logged directly to your back office, making data collection and transaction management easier than ever.

  • Seamless POS integration
    With just one account, you get all the hardware needed to process transactions and collect payments.

  • Robust security
    Our devices meet PCI DSS requirements, keeping your customers’ information private and lowering the risk of fraud and chargebacks.


Countertop P400

Bring colour to your business. Angled display, tactile keypad, new user interface, and redesigned EMV slot for smoother card insertion make it comfortable and easy to operate. Delivering world-class performance, flexibility, and advanced security, this premium device provides retailers with the tools to encourage greater engagement and better returns.

Portable V400m

The V400m, a small and lightweight device ideal for portable use. An efficient battery allows for greater power management and standby time. Every detail is meticulously designed for optimal usability and maximum durability—from the angle of the display to the textured grips, elevated EMV slot and translucent paper door, no detail is left untouched.


Get the best in convenience and pricing by adding Epos Now Payments to your point of sale system. Maximise your store’s profit potential today.


  • One blended rate for all card types
  • Flat monthly fee


  • Accept chip-and-pin, swipe, and contactless options
  • Take all major and international cards
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay supported


  • PCI compliant devices
  • Countertop and handheld terminals
  • Directly integrated with your Epos Now till
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Fair and Transparent Processing Fees

All card networks charge different transaction fees. We make it easier than ever to accept all card types with our blended processing rate. No matter what kind of card you take, you will always pay the same rate on each transaction.

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How Does Payment Processing Work?

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Want to Know More?

If you'd like to know anything else about Epos Now, get in touch.

How do payment processing fees work?

Epos Now Payments fees are split up and sent to several entities. On a typical transaction, a portion of the fee will go to the bank, credit card association, and processing company. The bank charges interchange fees on all transactions to cover miscellaneous expenses like rewards programs. Credit card associations, like American Express and Visa, collect fees for similar purposes. Our portion is re-invested in security tools, services, and other business resources. 

What credit cards and banks are accepted?

Our payment partners accept most major bank and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay.

Can I estimate my monthly processing fee?

Our integrated payment processors can provide a quote on processing fees and estimate the total monthly cost based on a projected monthly revenue amount. 

1. AliPay and WeChat Pay are available on request at separate rates

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