Stay mobile with an all-in-one food truck POS

Serve from anywhere with advanced, cloud-based POS technology for food trucks. Get on the road to business success.

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Easy admin

Save up to 10 hours every month on business management and staff admin on your food truck.

Smooth payments

Add Epos Now Payments and get up to 3x more sales by accepting card transactions.

More customers

Add the Loyalzoo integration and see an average 13% increase in revenue.

The complete food truck POS system

Manage all aspects of your business from Epos Now’s food truck POS system - from delivering fast customer service, to integrated payments and real-time insights. Lighten your workload with a POS system that lets you:

  • Build custom menus to delight customers.

  • Speed up your checkout process.

  • Create tailored reports tracking profit and best-performing meals to make better business decisions.
  • Auto-update stock levels with each product sold.
  • Connect with our huge range of third-party apps for accounting and bookkeeping, loyalty program management, marketing and more.

You do the great food - we’ll help with the fast service! Our complete POS solution includes everything a foot truck business needs: POS software, cash till, and printer.

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WAS $999, NOW FROM $139*

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The ideal point of sale system for food trucks

Payment flexibility

Accept cash, credit and debit cards, and e-wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Better stock control

Easily organise your products, auto-update your inventory with each sale, and set up low stock alerts to make sure you can always serve your meals.

Reduce errors

Ditch manually entering products and prices, which slow you down. Avoid human error with a cloud-based POS customised for food trucks.

Never turn away another payment with Epos Now Payments

Keep up with demand by accepting the most wanted payment options on the market with the Epos Now Payments integration. Take payments, access reports, and enhance security from one place, at clear fixed rates - no hidden fees

It’s ideal for food trucks! Get a full overview of your cash flow and simplify bookkeeping for good with automated reports, saving you precious time and minimising costly mistakes. Epos Now Payments helps your food truck, van or stall stay flexible and your customers satisfied.

Start saving more with our surcharge feature, sparing your business from the cost of card charges.

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Don’t get interrupted when selling

Fast service is essential for a food truck business. You need a solution that doesn’t slow you down, no matter where your next location is.

  • Improve your customer experience by offering online ordering on your food truck. 

  • Take orders even if you’re offline with intermittent internet connection. Our system synchronises your orders through our centralised cloud-based technology.

  • Adjust pricing with a few clicks, or enter promotional codes to reward new and loyal customers with a discount. 

  • Looking for portability? The Epos Now PRO+ can take up to 650+ orders on a single charge and includes a printer - perfect for on-the-go food trucks.

Food Truck Serving Customer

Increase your revenue with intuitive sales tools for your POS system

Use the power of your food truck point of sale system to improve your profit margin.

  • Accept a range of payment methods.

  • Create separate logins for team management and set variable pricing.

  • Revise your food truck menus based on qualified data with the intuitive reports provided by Epos Now POS system.

  • Simplify your accounting by syncing reports with Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and other apps.

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Minimise waste with stock control

Spend less time taking stock, and more time managing your food truck. With Epos Now, it only takes a few minutes to get a handle on your inventory and improve your stock management.

  • Track inventory right down to ingredient level 

  • Automate purchase orders and use low stock warnings so you never run out of what you need

  • Protect your bottom line with accurate stock control

  • Minimise cash flow tied up in stock

Pizza Shop Stock Control EN

Attract customers to choose your food truck

When people want to eat on the street, in a park or at a concert, they will be looking for food trucks that serve them great food quickly. Keep them coming back for more with loyalty programmes. With Epos Now’s food truck POS system you can:

  • Create customer profiles to note preferences, special requests, allergies and other items.

  • Start a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers with our available integrations.

  • Send appointment reminders, special offers and updates to customers via email and SMS.

  • Use our marketing apps to collect more reviews to show off your brand online and drive multi-channel marketing campaigns to attract customers.

Food truck attraction

Centralise your POS system as your food truck business grows

A fleet of food trucks, serving delicious meals to happy customers without dealing with the high overhead costs typical of the restaurant industry. It’s the dream for almost all food truck owners. So use a system that helps keep your costs low, increases your income, and adapts as your business booms. With Epos Now you can:

  • Consolidate inventory across locations, making it easier to buy in bulk.

  • Create reports for multiple food trucks in a single system.

  • Access team management - very useful if you have multiple food trucks!

  • Sync online ordering with offline mode sales.


Food Truck Serving Customer Loyalty v2

A POS system as flexible as your business

Epos Now offers incredibly flexible point of sale solutions for your food truck. You can choose the exact hardware and software you need instead of buying a “one size fits all” package.

  • Run your food truck POS software on iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

  • Access your POS from most major laptops and computers.

  • We grow with you. You’re always able to add additional services and devices when needed.

Bigger Laptop

Improve your efficiency with your choice of apps

Take advantage of over 130+ business app integrations through the Epos Now AppStore

Your Epos Now POS system can integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, send automated email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp, or build web pages to sell through Shopify.

Maximise your food truck or food stall’s potential by combining your POS system with your favourite apps.

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Frequently asked questions

What features do Epos Now's point of sale solution offer for a food truck?

The food truck fever has brought exciting new ways of doing business. Low upfront costs and great opportunities to compete against other classic restaurants is very attractive to some entrepreneurs. But with growth comes the need for efficient and streamlined operations - that's where a top-of-the-line point of sale (POS) system comes in.

Our cloud-based POS system for food solutions is here to take your food truck business from good to great!

Our suite of features includes:

  • Inventory management

  • Real-time sales and data analytics (that go far beyond the charts and graphs you're used to seeing)

  • Eliminating mistakes from manual keyed-in entries

  • Powerful POS software that integrates with dozens of your favourite apps

  • Online ordering, delivery, collection, and multi-channel ready

  • Integrated with major payment provider​s

  • Plus a reliable transaction system

Is this software easy to use?

Yes! Our POS solution was designed with the user in mind and is intuitive to use. We offer one-to-one, personalised onboarding to set your new food truck POS system up, to get you up to speed quickly.

Our onboarding provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the features available in our system.

Want to train your staff on how to use our system? Great news, once you’ve gone through onboarding, it takes less than 15 minutes to get new staff using our POS solution!

Our solution offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to navigate. You can set different levels of access for your staff too, keeping everything secure and easy-to-use, no matter if you’re using it for one food stall or across multiple food trucks.

Plus, our support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.

With our cloud-based POS solution, you can focus on providing excellent customer service and growing your food truck investment, knowing that your technology is working for you.

How secure is an Epos Now POS system for a food truck?

Security is an Epos Now essential! We take the safety of our customer data extremely seriously. 

Our platform uses numerous layers of security protocols, including encryption technology. This is to ensure all sensitive data remains safe from unauthorised access - so you can trade knowing your business data is safe with Epos Now!

Furthermore, our cloud-based infrastructure ensures your data is safe from any damage that occurs on-site to your hardware. It also allows you to protect you back office from unauthorised personnel so no one you haven't approved can make changes within the back office system or view your data. This is done by assigning unique pin codes or swipe cards to staff members to reduce the risk of theft or fraud.

We continue to work to improve our security to the latest, highest standards, conducting regular product updates to bring your software up to date with the most recent industry improvements. Using our robust security features, you can rest assured that your customer's data is protected.

Does Epos Now's software integrate with other systems?

Yes! Our user-friendly POS solution can be integrated with other third-party systems, accounting software packages, marketing platforms, online ordering integrations and more - and of course with other Epos Now devices!

We strive to provide our customers with a more comprehensive system for managing your business operations more efficiently and effectively.

By integrating with other systems, our POS solution can help you save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry and synchronisation across multiple platforms.

Additionally, our solution provides real-time data syncing, ensuring that your information is always up to date and accurate. This results in better decision-making and a more efficient business operation.

Are Epos Now POS devices portable?

Yes! Epos Now has a range of devices to suit all needs, including those of mobile businesses such as food trucks! Payment terminals like the Pro or Pro+ are wireless too - meaning they’re perfect for food trucks looking for more compact devices.

In fact, our Pro+ device is perfect for short bursts of quick sales, as you can take orders from customers while moving around, completing orders, instead of only when they’re at your stand. You can take up to 650+ orders on a single charge!

You can also buy and use our POS software, which can be used on your personal tablet devices or even mobile phones! 

Our cloud-based, flexible software provides seamless and secure payment experiences while reducing workloads with less manual data entry, and boosting efficient, automated trading.

Does Epos Now let you set up surcharging?

Yes! Our surcharge feature is your ticket to saving big by offsetting card charges.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments.

Then, with each sale, a receipt will print with the surcharge value shown, and you'll even spot the surcharge value in your Back Office reports.

Learn more about surcharging in our handy blog.

Launch your food truck business to new heights with a tailored Epos Now POS system.

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