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Best Business Level Strategies to Help You Deliver Value to Customers

A business level strategy refers to the combined set of actions a company takes to deliver more value to their customers, thereby giving them a competitive advantage.

Published on 19.8.2021


What is Prestige Pricing and Why Does it Work?

Prestige pricing is when a business sets their prices high, or higher than average, in order to attract customers. The psychology behind prestige pricing is ingrained within a lot of people, thanks to well-known phrases like “Buy cheap, buy twice”, or “You get what you pay for”. Many people associate high prices with good quality, which is why this strategy works.

Published on 19.8.2021


The Best Small Business Software for 2021

Here is our breakdown of the most useful, affordable, and effective small business software for 2021. Software for taking bookings, e-commerce, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, and point of sale.

Published on 18.8.2021

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What are the Average Hotel Manager Duties?

Hotel managers need a range of skills to be able to meet the duties that their jobs demand. Here are some of the most important duties a hotel manager is likely to have.

Published on 17.8.2021

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What are the Duties of the Average Store Manager?

In this blog, we examine the average duties of a store manager so that you can develop a great employee that will help take your business to the next level.

Published on 13.8.2021


The 8 Most Effective KPIs in Retail

Key performance indicators are clearly defined metrics that measure and assess business performance. KPIs may be based on sales, inventory, costs, and many more business factors.

Published on 12.8.2021

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Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor: How to Know the Difference

Lots of people get confused between payment gateways and payment processors. They are different but vitally important steps in the payment process, both serving different functions during the transaction.

Published on 9.8.2021

restaurant goals

Long and Short Term Restaurants Goals

We look in detail at three common restaurant goals: increase profit and revenue, improve employee performance, and achieve effective business growth.

Published on 6.8.2021


5 Eye-Catching Brand Identity Examples

We explore the meaning of brand identity and share 5 great brand identity examples you can take inspiration from today.

Published on 5.8.2021

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