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What is a Merchant Account?

Processing credit and debit cards requires a digital merchant account. What is this account and how does it function?

Published on 6.4.2021

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What is Payment Processing?

Most businesses accept credit and debit cards, but what happens behind the scenes to make this technology possible? Let's find out what payment processing is and how it benefits businesses.

Published on 31.3.2021

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What Are the Types of Cash Registers?

Learn the history of the cash register and see what modern devices are available today.

Published on 2.3.2021

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How to Use a POS System

If you haven't used a modern POS system, some features may be confusing. Read over this guide to see what you can do with a POS.

Published on 24.2.2021

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Different Types of POS Systems

Point of sale systems come in all shapes and sizes. Learn about some types of POS systems on the market. 

Published on 12.2.2021

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What is POS security?

Learn the basics of POS security and see how you can keep your system safe. 

Published on 11.2.2021

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5 Benefits of Integrating Your Accounts With Your POS

See why there has never been a time to install accounting software on your point of sale.

Published on 26.1.2021

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How to Grow Your Online Store Organically

Make your store easier to find and sell more products with these tips.

Published on 11.1.2021

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Six Key Elements Any Restaurant Website Should Have

Make your website stand out with these must-have features. 

Published on 16.12.2020

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