Retail Payment Processing

Reduce time at the till with ultra-fast integrated payment processing for your retail operations.

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Why Epos Now Payments?

From clothing stores to electronics shops, there are thousands of retail operations that have discovered how to increase their payment efficiency and accept transactions from dozens of different payment providers with Epos Now.

  • Automated stocktaking
    Every purchase is automatically logged and adjusted in your inventory, giving you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of your business.

  • EPOS integration
    Run your entire business from just one terminal. Integrate apps to work in concert with Epos Payments to take your operations to the next level.

  • Robust security
    Our payment devices adhere to UK PCI DSS requirements, refining security and minimising the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
Epos Now Payments | Why Epos Now Payments?

Revamp your retail outlet

With Epos Now Payments, you can integrate payment processing to enhance your customer’s shopping and payment experience.

  • Accept any payment
    Cater to a wider group of customers by taking cash, credit, debit, and contactless payments.

  • Improve organization
    Manage your inventory through your EPOS terminal.

  • Reward loyalty
    With seamless EPOS integration, you can create and administer customer loyalty profiles to boost your turnover.

Speed up the payments

Epos Now Payments has returned with faster payment times, letting you decrease time at the till. 

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Link Countertop P400

Bring colour to your business. Angled display, tactile keypad, new user interface, and redesigned EMV slot for smoother card insertion make it comfortable and easy to operate. Delivering world-class performance, flexibility, and advanced security, this premium device provides retailers with the tools to encourage greater engagement and better returns.

Fair and transparent fees

Take advantage of a versatile payment platform that makes the customer payment experience quick and easy.

  • Card payments
    Add extra security to your transaction by using chip-and-pin transactions.

  • Contactless
    A quick and convenient payment experience. Simply tap your card or mobile device to the payment terminal.

  • Cardholder not present
    Do business anywhere in the world with online payment processing and digital invoices.
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Expand your payment options

With Epos Now Payments, you’ll be able to accept payments from all our payment partners. 

  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • AliPay and WeChat Pay compatibility available upon request
  • VISA and Mastercard at a fixed rate with an opt-in option for American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay**
  • Use diverse transaction types, including sales, cancellations, and linked refunds up to six weeks old
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Retail systems

Get the complete retail package with Epos Now’s Retail EPOS System. Easy to set up, accessible anywhere, and completely flexible.

  • Epos Now Pro-C15W terminal, including water-resistant touch screen and solid-state drive
  • Epos Now Retail Software
  • 80mm Thermal Epos Now GX Receipt Printer
  • High quality secure all-metal cash-drawer
  • Installation, configuration and training

The best payments system for your retail

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