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Point of Sale: Your Secret Weapon to Fight Dead Stock

Published on 17.12.2018

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"Burnout" in the Hospitality Sector

Learn about preventing burnout in restaurants and other high-stress hospitality roles.

Published on 1.11.2018

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Four Key Benefits of Cloud-Based POS Systems

Opting for a cloud-based POS system means that you’ll maintain full control of your business even when you’re off-site, with a host of additional benefits besides. Here are just four of the biggest perks afforded by cloud-based POS solutions.

Published on 7.9.2018

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Integrate accounts with your POS system

Admin is every business owner's least favourite part of their job. By integrating your accounts with your POS system, you can save yourself hours of time. 

Published on 22.3.2018

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Is Your POS an Asset or a Liability?

See if your POS is hindering your business's success.

Published on 8.12.2017

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Top Benefits of an EPOS System

Today’s EPOS systems have the potential to revolutionize the way you operate your business.

Published on 15.9.2017

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How to create a sensory shopping experience

Shopping should be an experience that excites all five senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. However, it can be really easy to focus on visually stimulating displays and forget about the other four senses, but by combining elements to satisfy all senses you can create a unique, engaging and unforgettable shopping experience. Think about how your business space sounds, smells and feels. Creating a multi-sensory experience is known in the industry as "sensory branding”. So, let’s explore all five senses in more depth.

Published on 22.6.2015

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