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An innovative mobile payments and growth platform for hospitality and entertainment. Mr Yum is perfect for casual dining, pubs, bars, entertainment, hotels, and stadiums.
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Product innovation and marketing built-in

Data-driven customer loyalty

With Mr Yum’s marketing CRM integrations and powerful APIs, you can learn more about your customers, give back with loyalty rewards and custom promos and discounts.

Offer multiple order types

Keep guests happy with a range of ordering options. Dine-in table service, dine-in counter pickup, collection for takeaway, home delivery, or room service for hotels.

Flexible, secure payments

3D secure payments for robust merchant and customer protection. Guests can feel confident paying by card, eWallet, or a third-party payment platform.

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What is Mr Yum?

Mr Yum is a web-based mobile menu, ordering and payment platform used by more than 10 million users worldwide. It’s a fully integrated solution that syncs effortlessly with your point of sale for a better customer experience and seamless operational efficiency.

Its a quick and easy, four-step customer process:

  • Customers scan your QR code with their smartphone 
  • Scan your menu and add items to their cart 
  • Checkout securely with their choice of payment
  • Order gets delivered or picked up

Mr Yum offers global-first features, like batch ordering, buy-now-pay-later for guests, and open tabs. It’s no surprise that over 1,200 businesses trust Mr Yum to improve their processes!

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Irresistible loyalty offers

Mr Yum and Epos Now combine two powerful loyalty platforms to keep customers coming back for more.

Boomerang: all-in-one offers

  • Use Boomerang to set up voucher codes for segments of your customers.
  • Offer dollar or percentage discount coupons.
  • Provide gift vouchers and free promo items after a certain time.
  • Create a bespoke loyalty programme where customers earn and redeem points with each purchase.

Bespoke loyalty programmes

  • Integrate proprietary Facebook and Instagram conversion APIs.
  • Track and target ads to audiences viewing your menu online with Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager.
  • Personalise outreach and CRM with live customer data.
  • Measure your advertising ROI directly from your point of sale.
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Pioneering Payment Security

Mr Yum is the first dine-in online ordering platform to offer buy-now-pay-later for guests. This is supported by Afterpay. With 3D Secure technology, businesses can provide this convenient, customer-focused feature with total confidence. 

3D Secure guarantees intense fraud mitigation measures. High-risk transactions are immediately identified, which minimises chargebacks and shifts liability to the bank. Mr Yum chargebacks are 30x lower than the industry average, at only 0.02%.

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World-first features: Advanced Batching

When multiple customers order from the same table, Mr Yum waits a set amount of time to collate orders, so they print together as one. You can set different batching times for different items with the world’s first proprietary batching feature. 

For example, you can choose to allow drinks orders to come through for immediate preparation and set a delay of five minutes for food orders on your KDS. 

This way, drinks arrive at the table faster, while food orders wait longer for other items on the same table, so everything comes together. 

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Simple Social Tabs

With Social Tabs, customers can invite their friends, family or colleagues to order from their tab, covering the cost of their orders. Mr Yum was also the first platform to offer this service!

To start a tab, one guest simply scans the QR code on the table as usual. Then, other party members can scan a new QR code from their friend’s phone. Or, for added convenience, the tab link can be shared as a message. Groups can order and charge to the same tab during their visit and receive a consolidated, itemised receipt at the end.

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