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Facebook Business Suite: The Latest Tool to Help Small Businesses

Austin Chegini
8 Dec 2020

After teasing the idea for a year, Facebook Business Suite finally launched today. This new service helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their digital footprint from one location. 

Let’s review how Facebook is simplifying advertising with Facebook Business Suite. 

What does it do?

Until now, Facebook ads and other services were managed individually. Users had to jump from website to website to monitor performance, which is time-consuming and difficult for small business owners.

Facebook Business Suite now comes in a mobile app and desktop interface that unites Facebook and Instagram publishing, messaging, and analytics in one dashboard. This update aims to make it easier to manage content across both platforms.

Users can now: 

  • Oversee Facebook and Instagram posts from the same interface
  • Schedule content and ads for both platforms
  • Access all messages and notifications from both Facebook and Instagram in one inbox
  • Tap into Facebook and Instagram analytics in one location

Who can use Facebook Business Suite?

The initial rollout of this new feature is exclusively for small businesses, but the company states that it plans to make the toolkit available to all companies next year.

We are not sure how long this feature has been in development, but Facebook shared that small businesses have been testing out Business Suite. For many small shops, this program could not have come at a better time. For example, Facebook shared an example of a company who turned to the social media platform to host virtual wine events.

By the looks of things, these small businesses enjoyed the new feature. We can imagine that Facebook will use this initial deployment to test and refine the toolkit so that Fortune 500 companies and other large firms can eventually adopt it without any headache.

How can small businesses benefit from Business Suite?

A recent Yelp report found that 60% of small business closures are likely to become permanent, but Facebook believes they found a way to reduce risk due to the pandemic. The company’s latest Global State of Small Business Report found that small businesses that make 25% of their sales online are more likely to have higher sales now than this time last year. 

With Facebook Business Suite, small retailers and other businesses can more effectively tap into the ecommerce market.

How else can small businesses withstand the effects of Covid-19?

With retail and hospitality sales still struggling, businesses need a competitive edge. Shoppers want a fast, simple experience, and investing in the right technology can help deliver this level of service. 

With the Epos Now point of sale system, small businesses can provide an outstanding experience to customers and streamline operations at the same time. 

Our cloud POS is perfect for:

  • Tracking inventory: You only need a few minutes to take stock, and inventory levels automatically adjust with each sale
  • Processing transactions: Take cash, card, and contactless payments with total peace of mind
  • Online marketing: Integrate with MailChimp and customer loyalty programs to stay in touch with your valued customers
  • Tracking customer data: Identify trending products and create customized offers based on consumer spending habits

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