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Delight shoppers, speed up sales, and grow your business. Tailor your Epos Now retail POS to your exact needs with the Epos Now AppStore.

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"We looked at Square; we looked at Clover, and the one we chose was Epos Now because of the cost."

Kaesiona Brown, Cowpens Coffee & Creamery owner, South Carolina

Why Epos Now retail point of sale?

Quicker admin

Save up to 10 hours every month on business management and staff admin.

More sales

Save 4+ hours per month during sales with the Epos Now Payments integration.

Manage inventory easy

Enjoy 80% faster stock counts with the Epos Now wireless barcode scanner.

One POS system at the core of your retail business

Whether you run a car wash, a flower shop, a clothing boutique or other retail operations, build it for success with dedicated retail POS systems.

  • Multi-site and multi-channel employee management and inventory management tools, all in one place
  • Detailed sales analytics that reveal top-performing products and employees
  • Sell online, accept payments from Google and Apple Pay with cut-price payment processing fees
  • Integrate with a fully loaded e-commerce platform that syncs with the best retail POS systems
  • Build using sophisticated business software, with apps for marketing, bookkeeping, to payroll

Our Complete Retail POS System includes POS software, POS hardware such as a terminal, built-in receipt printer, and card machine - all the tools you need to trade in the retail industry.

 WAS $1099, NOW FROM $349*

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Expand your store with a point of sale solution

Manage multi-channel trading with ease when you integrate with your chosen e-commerce platform.

  • Launch your online store using a reliable and versatile e-commerce platform
  • Offer choice, safety and convenience to your customers with Click & Collect services
  • Track your online orders and in-store purchases together for simplified money and stock management
  • Sync customer shopping profiles and loyalty points for an optimized user experience​
  • Provide the payment options that work best for you and your customers with an in-house or third-party payment processor

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Trade smarter with our partner applications

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Leverage real-time insights to stay ahead of the curve​

Forecast with accuracy with intelligent sales insights. Cloud technology allows you to access reports and customer data from anywhere, anytime. Never be without the data you need to make the right decisions, all compiled by the best retail POS systems.

  • Identify your best-selling items sellers when you view reports on individual product performance
  • Search by trending items, items with the best profit margins, or non-selling stock
  • Use promotional or time-comparison reports to create impactful promotions and campaigns
  • Simplify scheduling and employee management when you use reports to identify peak sales times and top-performing employees
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Retail starter kit

Build your business on strong foundations with versatile retail POS hardware and software.

  • Countertop POS terminal, with 15.6" full HD touchscreen and built-in 80mm printer
  • Powerful Epos Now POS software
  • Air card machine with Epos Now Payments
  • High-quality, secure all-metal cash drawer
  • Personalized onboarding and training
  • Payment processing options

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The retail POS hardware you need for a smoother sale!

Our Complete Solution is adaptable with a range of accessories to suit your business needs. Easily add any of the following to your package:

Epos Now Caller ID

Easy to set up, know who’s calling and offer a quicker, more personalised service

Barcode scanners

Plug-and-play mobile scanning to speed up transactions and inventory management

Staff swipe cards

Boost security and save time accessing your till using swipe-card access to your transaction software

Innovative inventory management

Manage a diverse inventory across your multiple stores and online 

  • Full barcode management. Import and update inventory management on 1000s of products
  • Automatic updates that sync online and multi-location sales to one master inventory
  • Search your inventory matrix by size, colour, brand or relevant product features
  • Easily add, edit and bundle items to create new revenue opportunities on your retail management system
  • Use the POS system to receive notifications, or turn on automatic purchase orders so you never run out of stock


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Drive more repeat business by getting to know your customers

Take the guesswork out of customer relationships. Learn who they are, what they like and how they like to shop with smart insights. 

  • Customer profiles that update with each purchase
  • Create more informed, relevant​ marketing campaigns
  • Give back when you allow loyalty points gained online redeemable in store
  • Schedule timed follow-ups​ and abandoned cart notifications
  • Launch loyalty programs and promotions give customers a reason to spend
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Enjoy complete payment flexibility with Epos Now Payments

Keep checkout payments quick and painless with Epos Now Payments.

  • PCI-5 compliant for merchant and customer protection
  • Accept all card types as well as Google and Apple Pay
  • Integrate with every major payment provider
  • No matter what type of card you take, you'll always pay the same rate on each transaction
  • Epos Now Payments also lets you grant cash discounts to customers, encouraging more business to your store. 

Designed to keep payments easy, speedy and safe.

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The support you need, whenever you need it​

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​

​We provide 24/7, round-the-clock support for your retail POS systems, as well as one-on-one onboarding and unlimited training and coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback or read our frequently asked questions.

What is the best POS system for retail?

Each business has different requirements for finding the best retail POS system, but overall, it should improve efficiency and profitability. If you are using an e-commerce site like Shopify, you want a POS solution that integrates with your chosen platforms. Your perfect POS system will also fit your budgetary requirements and scale with your business as it grows.

What is the best inventory software for retailers?

With an Epos Now POS system, there’s no need for separate inventory management software or spreadsheets as all of your inventory is stored in your back office system and automated.

Is cloud based retail POS software secure?

Our Epos Now cloud-based retail accounting software stores all of your, and your customers’, data securely in the cloud.

What is the best cloud based POS loyalty integration for retailers?

Epos Now has partnered with multiple cloud-based loyalty scheme providers so your customers can earn points on their purchases or you can set up a prime style subscription program. Head to our AppStore to find out more.

Does Epos Now let you set up cash discounting?

Yes! Our cash discounting feature allows you to offer discounts to cash-paying customers - key to attracting more customers and saving your business money on payment processing fees.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your retail point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments and click a few buttons!

Now that you've enabled cash discounting, here's a quick rundown of the key features you can use in your Epos Now point of sale system:

  • Display the discounted cash price on the tender for staff reference.
  • Process the list price on the card terminal when a card payment is selected.
  • Apply the preset discount to the total when a cash payment is chosen.
  • Ensure receipts highlight the savings from the cash discount.
  • Cash discounts will be shown in your Back Office reports for easy tracking and analysis.

Learn more about cash discounts in our handy blog.

What is the best POS system for small retailers?

The best POS system for small businesses largely depends on the needs of your business. Our Epos Now POS system is perfect for small businesses as it has all of the functionality you need to run your business, plus over 100 integrations and apps.

See what Epos Now has already done for businesses like yours!

"It was almost plug-in and go!"


Planet Doughnut

"I'd recommend Epos Now in a second!"



"It’s been a lifesaver!"


Pets Paradise 

"Epos Now's people are fantastic. They'll take charge of the POS to troubleshoot. They talk to us. They get it fixed."


Blanc & Rouge

The most valuable Epos Now features by retail sector

Apparel store

  • Save time on management of inventory with various sizing and colors
  • Keep track of stock in multiple locations
  • Sync online payments for easy, omnichannel customer relationship management

Convenience store

  • Manage thousands of products with swift barcode management
  • Train staff in as little as 15 minutes
  • Offer a safe checkout when you take cash, credit, debit and contactless payments
  • Keep customers informed with customer facing display and other accessories retail businesses love

Electronics store

  • Filter appliances by feature and brand on POS systems with a built-in product matrix
  • Robust security at the checkout with PCI-5 compliant hardware
  • Provide peace of mind with order tracking, and click and collect

Gift shop

  • Spotlight items and boost sales by bundling products together
  • Track best selling and trending items to predict sales with better accuracy
  • Offer flexibility with simple refunds and exchanges

Vape store

  • Turn on stock updates on point of sale POS with expansive inventory management capabilities
  • Ensure compliance with built-in age verification on your ecommerce website
  • Use powerful tools to drive sales and manage your day-to-day

The retail POS system you need for your business

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