Your grocery store POS system for a speedy checkout

Use a convenience store point of sale (POS) system that speeds up your operations - not slows you down! Get access to advanced inventory tools, employee management options, and more.

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Why Epos Now's grocery store POS systems?

Easier stock counts

With sophisticated inventory management tools, including low stock alerts, you can enjoy 80% faster stock counts.

More visibility

Automatically generate to-the-minute business reports as you trade and get a full overview of your business's financial health.

More sales

Treble your sales by opening up your business to online sales, card, and mobile payments with Epos Now Payments.

The grocery POS system designed for fast movers

Grocery store customers need to get their goods home quickly. Our comprehensive POS solution for small grocery stores gives owners and clerks complete control over sales and inventory management. 

  • Save your business hours with automated stock takes

  • Automated purchase orders mean you'll never run out of popular items

  • Accept a variety of payment options and keep transactions safe and secure 

  • Track sales and identify your best and worst-selling products with accurate margin data 

  • An intuitive POS system that can onboard new staff in 15 minutes

Our Complete POS Solution includes POS software and sleek hardware, including a built-in printer and card machine.

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The grocery store POS that offers speed, simplicity, and savings

Simple stock control

Advanced stock checks give you greater control and visibility over your inventory. Our grocery store POS system can handle thousands of items.

Streamlined processes

Manage your business, balance your books, and onboard new staff all from one central system. Save time and improve efficiency.

Smooth checkout

Accept any and all payments including cash, gift, debit, and credit cards. Keep transactions contactless with the option to automatically email receipts.

A grocery POS system that controls inventory management minute by minute

Grocery stores have a wide and varied inventory. Our smart system allows your staff to stay on top with real-time updates.

  • Automatic low-stock alerts and purchase orders mean you never miss a sale

  • Enjoy total control when updating your stock with just a few clicks

  • Create your own barcodes for smoother service and greater accuracy 

  • Instantly get an overview of your stock in-store no matter where you are

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Customize your grocery store POS with a suite of leading POS apps

Boost efficiency, reward customers, and discover more ways to customize your system with our App Store.

  • Build an online store with intuitive website builders and offer seamless online shopping

  • Reward your customers and encourage repeat business with loyalty programs

  • Seamlessly integrate with XeroQuickbooks, and other accounting software

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Pioneering POS software for grocery stores

Your POS system for retail grocery stores comes will top-of-the-line software. You'll be able to make the right decisions for your business thanks to smart data collection. 

  • Identify high-margin items with advanced sales and product reports 

  • Get smart insights into every aspect of your business at the touch of a button

  • Use historical sales data to accurately plan for the future

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Protect your grocery store with complete cash register security

Our cloud-based system keeps your data secure and allows you to track all sales data accurately.

  • Set permissions to allow refunds, no-sales, voided transactions, and discounts to experienced employees
  • Track shift sign-ins with passcodes and swipe cards
  • Accept your data from anywhere with remote sign-in
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Reduce waste by accurately pricing items

Wastage can be a big issue for supermarkets and grocery stores. With our sophisticated software, you can cut wastage and boost your profits.

  • Know exactly what you have in stock in just a few clicks

  • Track your inventory down to the last fava bean with advanced inventory management tools

  • your stock will update automatically as you trade, eliminating human error

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Payment processing made simple

Epos Now Payments, our payment processing service, offers all the advantages of the latest payment technology with no hidden fees.

Increase your profit by accepting card payment with one flat rate for all transactions no matter the card provider.

Epos Now Payments empowers you to offer cash discounts, creating a win-win for your customers and your business.

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Award-winning expert support

As part of our service, our expert support team is available to help you with anything you might need.

  • Our support team works in-house, so you never have to deal with a third-party

  • Support agents offer aid through support, training, and one-to-one onboarding, meaning we can assist you no matter your issue in a way that suits your needs

  • You can talk to our team anytime between 9pm - 6am GMT or via our live chat

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If you'd like to know more about how Epos Now can help your business, contact our team or read our frequently asked questions.

Does Epos Now let you set up cash discounting?

Yes! Epos Now customers can implement cash discounting and fees to attract more business

What is the best POS for a grocery store?

With expansive and ever-changing inventories, rotating staff schedules, and constant sales to process, POS systems are essential for grocery stores' day-to-day operations. This means it's very important to use grocery POS systems that meet your business's unique needs.

Grocery retail businesses can vary in size from a local market to franchises with multiple locations. Your POS system will need to keep up with potential hundreds of transactions a day, process payments quickly and efficiently, perform basic inventory management, and integrate useful POS hardware like a barcode scanner, cash drawer, or a set of digital scales. You should look for a POS system that also has access to apps and integrations that can streamline your admin and give you more time to interface with customers and suppliers.

Epos Now systems are designed with businesses in mind, our team will help you choose a system that works for you.

How much does a POS system cost for a grocery store?

Generally, the cost of a grocery store POS system depends on your business needs. While our Grocery store POS solution comes with a set subscription, the overall cost can depend on additional accessories, the number of systems required, and any paid apps you may want to use.

At a POS provider focused on small to medium-sized businesses, we believe every business should have access to powerful yet affordable POS systems. Our expert team is ready to walk you through our systems and ensure you have the setup you need to succeed.

What software do supermarkets and grocery stores use?

Supermarkets and grocery stores will generally use specialized POS software to help run their day-to-day operations. Epos Now software is designed with the retail and hospitality industries in mind. This means our systems are calibrated perfectly with the needs of your business.

Make your grocery store checkout a breeze

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