Epos Now 2.79 Release Notes

Released 25/08/2021

Refer a friend

Back Office Refer a Friend Link

Now you can easily copy and send your friends and family your Epos Now referral link within the back office. Simply visit your profile page and you’ll see your own unique referral section. Your referrals will get a discount on Epos Now and so will you!

Tanda Logo v2

Tanda Workforce Management Available with Epos Now in APAC

Tanda helps you manage and pay staff for the time they work - quickly and compliantly.

Built for the hospitality industry, Tanda pays your staff the correct entitlements, using award rules and rates maintained by their in-house compliance team - with the HIGA managed and automated since 2015.

Tanda’s rostering forecasts wages, paired with live data from your POS system to provide unmatched accuracy in your budgeting.

Tanda offers truly paperless onboarding for new employees including electronic TFND lodgement, upload of qualifications such as RSA, and attachment & acknowledgment of key documentation such as contracts and policies.

The best place for managers is running shifts, not running payroll.

With Tanda and Epos Now, sales data syncs seamlessly between platforms streamlining business operations and eliminating manual effort.

Install here: App Store link - https://www.eposnowhq.com/Apps/App/927


The brand new Epos Now Developer Portal is live.

The new portal provides our developer community with the full suite of Epos Now APIs, updated in real time, as soon as new endpoints are pushed to production.

Click here to view the new Portal! https://api.eposnowhq.com/docs/

API Auth

Native authorization

With native authorization, Developers can authorize and test the APIs by providing their key directly within the portal.

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to add more documentation, improve our FAQs and provide convenient tutorials to simplify the process of launching apps in the Epos Now App Store.

Order Print API

New API enables Restaurant & Hospitality Apps to print orders directly to the Kitchen & Bar

The Print Order API helps expedite food and beverage service by enabling apps to send salads to the cold station, steaks to the grill, and drinks to the bar, automatically. Simply populate a transaction ID in the POST and let the kitchen take it from there.

Click here to see the new Print Order API! https://api.eposnowhq.com/docs/apis/transaction/#/Transaction/post_api_v4_Transaction__id__print


New API enables real time prices to be deployed across marketing channels

At Epos Now we love Happy Hour as much as you do! We also know what a pain it can be to effectively advertise Happy Hour specials across your different marketing channels.  The Price Scheduler API enables developers to pull menu prices in real time so that they can be updated wherever you want to advertise them.

P.S. It works for Early Bird Specials too!

Click here to see our new Price Scheduler API! https://api.eposnowhq.com/docs/apis/product/#/PriceSchedule/get_api_v4_PriceSchedule


New API enables Create, Update & Delete of Seating Areas & Seating Tables

Build and edit restaurant floor plans and hotel room plans to dramatically simplify integrations with Property Management Systems and Reservation Systems.  Seating Area and Seating Tables APIs allow users to now create, update and delete the Seating Area and Seating tables via our API.

To see our new Seating Area API click here! https://api.eposnowhq.com/docs/apis/setup/#/TablePlan/post_api_v4_TablePlan_SeatingAreas

For Seating, Tables click here! https://api.eposnowhq.com/docs/apis/setup/#/TablePlan/post_api_v4_TablePlan_SeatingTables


Adding Support Centre Links

We have added a number of links to our Android Support Centre app to help to improve how various hardware setups and facilitate learning of our hardware devices. 

These new links got to the new Printer Troubleshooting guides, to help assist with Ethernet and USB Printer setup.

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