Epos Now 2.80 Release Notes

Released 08/09/2021

Split Bill Printing

The ability to print specific bills when splitting bills by cover

Description: When a group of diners splitting the bill by cover and one of them decides to leave early you can now print an individual bill and have them go through payment while the other guests are not. Staff can now tap the print button on the side to print the individual bills for diners.


Emailing receipts when paying by partial payments or split bills by cover

Customers can now email guests their receipts when splitting by cover or paying through partial payments.

Printer Setup Wizard

Printer Setup Re-Work

We have implemented some changes to the way additional printers can be set up on the till app on our Android POS devices. We wanted to utilize our existing setup wizard, seen in the initial setup, to improve, and speed up, adding additional receipt printers.

There will be a new option in the โ€˜Peripheralโ€™ section of settings, which will launch into the Printer Setup Wizard, allowing you to set up your USB or Ethernet Receipt Printers.

Static IP

Setting Static IP addresses on Android

We will also add the ability to add a Static IP to any Ethernet printers being added to help with devices dropping off the network in the event of any network failures/changes.

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