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Email Marketing Tips to Drive Repeat Business

Kadence Edmonds
27 Oct 2020

Email marketing is your opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the real customers of your business. Email open rates are increasing, with 59% of respondents of a recent study saying marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. 

But just throwing content out there can be a waste of time. When it comes to effective email marketing, you need to make sure your campaigns - and email copy - have focus. Not only is email a great way to build brand loyalty and “share of mind”, but you can also create campaigns to entice potential new customers as well. 

Let’s take a look at some essential email marketing tips to grow your email and content marketing.

Once you have your customers’ contact details collected you will be able to implement email marketing. 

TIP: Use your Epos Now Point of Sale system to collect your customers' contact information.  With an email marketing integration, these details can then be automatically synced so your customer lists are always up to date. 

Encourage readers to open 

The first issue to overcome with emails is getting your subscribers to open, read, and take action. 

To achieve this, the subject line is your biggest drawcard. We’ve all received an email that we have either deleted, marked as spam or ignored altogether without even opening. If this is happening frequently with your emails, it could be because of the subject line. Perhaps the subject lines aren’t effectively grabbing your customers attention or the call to actions aren’t saying ‘click me’.

Ensure that your subject line clearly outlines what the reader can expect to gain from opening the email. Does it contain valuable information that could save the reader money? Is it a special offer, or an exclusive deal? Whatever it is, make sure it’s enticing!  

Make it personal

Most email marketing providers will allow you to use shortcode or placeholders within your copy. This is a great feature to use that will make it appear as if your emails are personalised specifically to your customers. 

Make sure your emails look clean and crisp

This may sound like an obvious one, but many marketers are still guilty of frequently sending poorly designed emails that do little to hook in the reader. 

Sending emails that are neither crisp nor clean is a huge missed opportunity. After All, you’ve done the hard work in using an enticing subject line to engage the reader, so now you want to keep them interested.  

Firstly, keep your paragraphs short and make sure keywords and phrases stand out to readers. Bullet Points are a great way to capture skim readers to make sure they take in the vital points. Use pictures to illustrate your content rather than replace it. It’s important to note that some email providers block images or consider them an indicator of spam marketing. 

Target the right audience

Creating targeted email campaigns is a great way to increase success. If you're sending specific content that appeals to a customer's interest, then you have a higher chance of conversion. This can be achieved with different email lists. 

For instance, if you are running a promotion on an item that you know 40% of your customers love, you can target an email to that group directly. Targeted marketing helps to make those customers feel more valued and understood - and the other 60% won’t feel like they are being spammed. 

This is one of the many reasons we recommend having your email marketing and Point of Sale integrated. The Epos Now and Mailchimp integration allows you to use your sales dashboards to create these targeted email campaigns in Mailchimp. Read More Here.  

Make emails mobile-friendly 

Stats show the majority of emails are being viewed on mobile devices, accounting for a whopping 46% of all email open rates. Making sure your content is structured to effectively display on mobile devices is crucial.  

Don’t be a spammer

Just because you have customer details, this doesn’t mean you should constantly spam them with emails. Be respectful and only send content that adds value to them as a customer. The last thing you want to do is abuse the number of times you show up in their inbox and get yourself blocked, junked or unsubscribed.  

These essential tips can help to get your email marketing campaigns on the right track.  

There’s no better time than now to implement or improve your email marketing with a direct integration into your Point of Sale system. If you would like to know more, speak to one of the team here.