Epos Now Launches Major Push into Latin America

Written by James Shaw

company announcement   9 December 2020 13

LONDON, 27 OCTOBER -- Epos Now, a global software and payments technology company, supporting over 30,000 retail and hospitality locations across 71 countries, has launched its cloud point of sale (POS) system in Mexico, beginning a major strategic rollout into South America. 

With the global POS terminal market expected to grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 8% between 2019-2025, Latin America, along with Asia-Pacific are expected to be two lead regions to see explosive growth in POS technology. 

The Mexican market is set to benefit from Epos Now’s retail and restaurant POS systems which automates business processes through the cloud-based software platform. Epos Now’s POS system supports local requirements, such as invoicing, as well as the latest payment technology, ecommerce and food delivery service functionality.  

The complete POS solution will offer Mexican small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to open new digital revenue streams, connect to a global customer base, and cater to rapidly shifting consumer habits in the current climate. Epos Now’s complete POS system will also give merchants in Mexico the opportunity to manage their online and physical operations from a single system.

In preparation for the expansion, Epos Now has invested heavily in its technological infrastructure, making the whole system completely multilingual allowing customers to operate in their local language. With these changes, Epos Now is able to expand into Mexico and beyond.  The entirety of the system can now present in the local customer language.  This ensures that future rollouts into non-English speaking territories will be executed with unprecedented speed. 

Epos Now’s Chief Growth Officer, Barbara Staruk, said: “Mexico is one of the fastest-growing markets for point of sale technology, and our products and services are well-placed to meet the demand for advanced, affordable cloud POS systems and payment technology. With our newly employed local team, we look forward to helping thriving SMBs leverage the latest cloud technology to run their operations more efficiently and reach new customers”.   

The expansion into Mexico is a major milestone in Epos Now’s wider internationalisation strategy. Since initially expanding into the United States in 2016, the award-winning point of sale specialist has recently accelerated its presence in a global push, establishing dedicated sales and support teams in eight different territories including Australia, Canada, Spain, Ireland and New Zealand during 2020 to offer fully-localised products, services and support on a global scale which has helped accelerate revenues to over 100% growth year-on-year. 

About Epos Now

Epos Now is a global payment and technology provider focused on small and medium businesses in the retail, hospitality, and personal care sectors. Founded in 2011, its mission is to help a worldwide community of over 30,000 retail and hospitality locations across 71 countries harness the power of cloud technology to compete with giants.

With Epos Now, businesses can control every element of their operation from any location, and on any device. Its cloud systems include payments, smart inventory control, custom reporting, staff & customer management as well as supporting businesses transition to meet a new type of merchant with robust ecommerce, delivery, and collection functionality.

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