Everything you need to set up and grow your online store

It's never been more important to sell online. That's why we've partnered with BigCommerce to help you create an ecommerce website built to deliver success.

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What Epos Now and BigCommerce can do for you

Everything you need to sell online

Launch a fully-loaded, mobile-ready online store with simple drag and drop tools.

Connect your online & offline stores

One central place to manage sales and track inventory across your physical and online stores.

Open your store to the world

Connect BigCommerce to our Award-winning POS to reach millions of new customers.

Future proof your business

Keep up with consumer trends and shifting habits, and build greater business resiliency.
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Multi-channel selling made simple...

  • No developers required! Customize your ecommerce website with simple drag & drop design, and integrate with hundreds of apps.
  • Connect your online and offline stores to easily manage sales, customers, and inventory all from one place
  • Take payments fast & securely, and streamline your operations with integrated shipping and fulfilment tools
  • Market to new and existing customers with ease through leading SEO tools, 70+ promotions and discounts, email marketing, and marketplace integrations
  • Create a new sales channel to reach new customers and protect against business interruptions

Why choose Epos Now and BigCommerce?

Make online selling easy

Connect BigCommerce to Epos Now retail POS system and get all the tools you need to succeed online, out-of-the-box with no hidden fees.

Manage products, sales & inventory from one place

Sync Epos Now and BigCommerce to effortlessly manage and track sales both online and offline through powerful reporting software.

Reach your customers 24x7 wherever they are

Never miss a beat. Give your customers more options to get in touch and buy online, including multiple marketplaces and social channels.

We're with you every step of the way

We provide round-the-clock support via phone, email, or chat to answer any questions you may have.


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Want to learn more about BigCommerce and Epos Now?

How does BigCommerce work?

BigCommerce is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that lets retailers create and run an online store. Its easy-to-use website builder lets you create your store, add products, and start selling by bringing your products to a global audience.

How much does BigCommerce cost?

BigCommerce has four price plans: Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $29.95 per month for the Standard plan. However, unlike other ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce has no transaction fees. There are no hidden costs to worry about.

You can get 3 months free with the Epos Now and BigCommerce partnership! 

Who is BigCommerce for?

BigCommerce is a scalable ecommerce platform, so it is perfect for businesses small and large. With powerful marketing and reporting features, growing stores that want to establish an online presence will enjoy the expansive toolkit that comes with BigCommerce. 

What can I sell on BigCommerce?

You can list any type of product on your online store. BigCommerce has built-in features that let you sell physical and digital products, as well as services. 

Can I connect my Epos Now system to BigCommerce?

Yes, you can synchronise your Epos Now point of sale system with your BigCommerce online store. The two platforms connect seamlessly, allowing you to easily manage your online and offline inventory.

How do I start an online store?

There are two main ways to open an online store. The traditional method requires you to purchase a domain, choose a hosting provider, select a content management system, and find an ecommerce plugin to run your store. This process requires more technical knowledge and a large time commitment. You will also have to communicate with your hosting provider and ecommerce software separately, which can lead to complications. 

The second way to start your online store is with an all-in-one solution like BigCommerce. With this type of option, you only need to purchase a domain name and BigCommerce subscription. The service will then take care of hosting, content management, and all ecommerce plugins. Through this process, anyone can start an online store.

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