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BigCommerce enables businesses to run retail shops and sell goods and services online seamlessly.

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Why choose Epos Now and BigCommerce?

Product catalog synchronization

Manage your product catalog, inventory, prices and more.

Prime data

Leverage actionable insights to improve efficiency and boost profit margins.

Turbo charge your sales

Never miss a selling opportunity with intuitive stock control.

Take your online presence to the next level

With BigCommerce, you can do everything from integrating product catalogues to inventory management and sales reporting. 

  • Synchronise your product catalogues and automatically enable your web store to sell the same items without needing to make changes in multiple places.
  • Integrate your inventory management by fulfilling orders and keeping track of stock and inventory levels regardless of whether sales are made in your online store or your physical store.
  • Make purchase orders a breeze so that items never run out of stock regardless of where you sell them.
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The ultimate multi-channel business solution

Epos Now and BigCommerce enable businesses to run retail shops and sell goods and services online seamlessly through integrated product catalogues, inventory management, and sales reporting.

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Insightful, consolidated reporting

Manage sales in a single dashboard and leverage detailed analytics to identify best-selling items by channel. Optimise your physical store for the high street and your BigCommerce store for the web.

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