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3 Quick Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Better (And Keep Return Business)

Do you want to improve customer loyalty? Getting to know your customers is the key! Check out these 3 quick and easy ways to do it.

Published on 14.4.2023


Get Ahead with Marketing in April: Promotion Ideas for your Business

Published on 6.4.2023

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Lease Kitchen Space: Tips on Finding The Perfect Place

Ready to cook up a storm but need a space? We've got you covered with our helpful tips on finding the perfect kitchen to bring your recipes to life!

Published on 2.3.2023

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Restaurant Financing: Options & Strategies for Success

Learn how to secure restaurant financing with these strategies, including traditional loans and alternative options. Get helpful advice from experts!

Published on 10.2.2023

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Retail Marketing: Strategies and Examples

Retail marketing is an essential part of making your business a success. This blog contains tips and tricks to get you started. 

Published on 4.11.2022

Card Payments

What is EFTPOS?

Of the many acronyms you hear in business, EFTPOS can be one of the stranger. But once understood, it can be useful. Here's Epos Now's explanation.

Published on 28.9.2022

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Making Payments Painless

The hospitality industry relies on its card machines, but getting a good deal on a reliable device is neither simple nor painless. Even so, a good deal can transform your operation.

Published on 28.9.2022


Taking the Pain Out of Payments for Small Businesses

Retailers rely on their card machines, but understanding what your store needs to get the most out of a card machine deal takes a lot of work. Taking the pain out of payments can have positive effects that last for years.

Published on 28.9.2022

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5 Ideas to Promote Your Product When Consumer Spending is Down

No matter what trade has been like in your business, an opportunity is never far around the corner. With the right ideas, a good marketing strategy can see orders flying in.

Published on 22.9.2022

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