Barcode scanner to label your business as trailblazing

Epos Now barcode scanners speed up sales and help you provide a more reliable service. Find the scanner to suit your needs, from wireless and Bluetooth 2D scanners to standalone, countertop scanners.

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Dependable barcode scanners for UK businesses

If you're searching for the best barcode scanners on the market for your business, you can stop right here.

You can take advantage of Epos Now's excellent range regardless of your store's size. 

Start with a lower-cost, corded device like the USB 2D scanner, ideal for smaller shops and those looking for a simple solution. Not your type? How about an advanced barcode scanner with a wireless and Bluetooth connection suited to those looking for more flexibility?

Still not satisfied? Maybe the POS scanners you're after let you go hands-free. Try our omnidirectional scanner that can sit on your counter at checkout as the barcodes fly by.

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Crack the code of product scanning with Epos Now 2D barcode scanners

Wired USB 2D Barcode Scanner

  • Scan reliably and quickly with plug and play technology.
  • Keep custom with damaged barcode recognition.
  • Free your fingers with the triggerless auto-scan configuration.

Wireless & Bluetooth 2D Scanner

  • Easily scan out of reach and awkwardly placed items.
  • Take stock of your inventory easily with a 20-metre range.
  • Sync to any Windows XP system, without installing add-ons.

The hospitality and retail industries' most sought-after scanners

Looking for a barcode scanner that will meet the unique needs of your business? Our barcode scanners are optimised to operate across multiple business sectors.

No matter if you work in the hospitality or retail industry, in a bakery or bookstore, there's an Epos Now barcode scanner to sync with your POS system that will help optimise your business.

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PRO Omni Directional Scanner

FAQs about Epos Now barcode readers

How to use a barcode scanner in a supermarket?

Supermarkets typically scan a larger number of items from customer baskets, which means a speedy scan is essential for a smooth operation. Most supermarkets therefore use a countertop, hands-free scanner (like Epos Now's omnidirectional scanner). This allows users to pass the item across the beam and put it down as they reach for the next item, saving time for both your staff and your customers.

What kind of scanner do you use to read a barcode?

Most scanners in the retail and hospitality industries use 2D, red-light, laser scanning.

As opposed to 1D scanners, which only read in a single direction, 2D barcode readers scan vertically and horizontally. This means they can read a wider variety of barcodes, including QR codes. This is also why you can see a variety of shapes in the lasers emitted by different readers.

However, in almost every scanner, you'll encounter a red light. This is because the red end of the colour spectrum is more penetrative, achieving greater accuracy crucial to the scanner's efficiency.

What are the main differences between the scanners Epos Now offers?

Epos Now have a full kit of accessories ready to provide different kinds of businesses with the perfect hardware. That means having different kinds of scanners that let users scan barcodes the way they choose. To help your search, here's what's on offer:

USB 2D Scanner: A cost-effective solution to barcode scanning, the Epos Now USB 2D Scanner is suited for businesses looking for a simple, effective barcode reader. This plug-and-play model is a perfect mixture of reliability and speed. It's also Epos Now's most affordable device, making it an excellent choice for businesses on a budget.

Wireless & Bluetooth 2D Scanner: This portable, handled scanner offers users the freedom to roam checkouts, bars, and anywhere within the 20m range of the wireless scanner connection, reaching data and codes out of reach to the USB barcode scanner. The extra features and portability make it the perfect option for businesses with large inventory. Paired with tablets, our Bluetooth barcode scanner can boost performance on stock checks while providing an easy way to stay on top of products.

Omnichannel scanner: Our top of the range, countertop item scanner frees your hands and speeds up your checkout by sitting beside your terminal, ready to scan at all times! Sell and scan with both hands by waving the barcode in front of the SKU scanner laser without even touching it for easy results.

Think of the image in your mind. One till scanner from our store will be a close match, ready to fit your needs!

What makes a good barcode checker?

Product scanning isn't something you likely think about too often, and that's the way it should be. But your business depends on it all day every day, which makes it essential to the performance of your business. That means reliability is one of the most crucial elements to look for in a shop scanner.

Both the USB and omnidirectional scanner stays plugged in and fully operational while switched on. Meanwhile, the wireless scanner can be plugged in each night to charge so your business can rely on it when open. All Epos Now scanners also come with a selection of barcodes to change settings (such as switching beeping on or off) and perform factory resets in the event of any trouble with scanning, making our scanners a safe bet!


How to choose a barcode scanner for my business?

The best way to choose your barcode scanner is to anticipate how you'll want to run your checkout. For instance, if you want a static member of your team processing sales, the USB scanner makes a great focal point for your checkout. On the other hand, if you want to be able to scan across more space, and use your scanner during inventory checks, then you might need a wireless and Bluetooth scanner.

Think about the different ways you plan to use your scanner, and what you'll need it to do, then make sure the scanner you choose will be able to do it all!

Can I scan loyalty cards and gift cards with my barcode scanner?

If you purchase the Epos Now Loyalty app, or one of our other app options, you'll likely have cards you can give to your customers, or an app they can download to monitor points. Our barcode readers can scan any barcode, which it runs through our software to search for the right product to put into your customer's basket. However, it can also scan into the customer search to find their account, should you need it to!