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Multi Site Manager

Manage multiple locations through one single system with Epos Now's multi site manager.

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Take control with Multi Site Manager

Full visibility

Manage your business by store, site, area, region, or country.


Build large reporting structures so you can scale with ease.


Add multiple, restricted access accounts to your Epos Now Back Office. 

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Epos Now Multi Site Manager

Our Multi Site Manager app is designed for large, multi-location businesses that require additional security, flexibility, the ability to produce high-level custom reporting.

If you're managing a growing business with multiple sites, start simplifying operations today with Multi Site Manager.

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Location-specific management

Add multiple accounts to your Back Office so you can easily set localised pricing, manage stock availability, and offer custom receipts. 

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Manage your warehouse with ease

With our Warehouse Manager tool, you can perform stock lookups from your till, edit and manage warehouse inventory, and leverage predictive ordering for seamless stock management. 

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