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Adapt to Demand - Epos Now Online Ordering

Aine Hendron
5 Apr 2022

Epos Now and Yoello are pleased to announce the launch of our new online ordering platform, Epos Now Online Ordering. Together this integration will deliver a dynamic, digital ordering system for businesses in the hospitality sector.

Epos Now Online Ordering aims to bring businesses closer to their customers by offering a space where customers can order directly from their favorite restaurants, bypassing costly third-party delivery apps. 

Through the web-based ordering page, guests can choose from click and collect services, delivery, and pre-order - all through one easy-to-use platform, without the need to download and maintain apps.

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What are the benefits of online ordering?

When Sandymouth Holiday Resort decided to integrate with their Epos Now system with Online Ordering, they saw a complete transformation in overall operational efficiency, significant cost reduction, and great profit increase. 

  • 67% increase in average customer spend
  • Increased revenue through upselling and improved delivery offering
  • Reduced queues and removed their outdated phone-line ordering system
  • Has seen a “massive reduction in wastage”
  • Staff now able to serve a higher volume of orders at peak times 

Increase profits with upselling and loyalty programs

Online ordering systems allow you to upsell with ease. Upsell items through intuitively timed menus, special offers, bulk discounts, and limited-time offers. 

Not only does the average customer spend per head increase by more than a third with Epos Now Online Ordering, so too does the efficiency of loyalty programs and special promotions. You’re able to boost customer retention rates by rewarding returning customers with one-time discount codes as thanks for using your mobile system, and tracking how effective your promotions are with live reporting. 

Increased operational efficiency

By automating the ordering process, simply put, staff are able to achieve more in less time. This provides the opportunity to massively reduce staff costs and implement more effective scheduling. Employees are able to become more productive on shift and focus on providing more attentive customer service, as duties like taking orders and payments and inputting them to the point of sale are completed by the customer digitally. 

Online ordering helps businesses increase table turnover by as much as 40% in some cases, meaning that customer pain points like long queues, unpredictable waiting times, and potential order errors are a lot more unlikely. 

Valuable data at your fingertips

Get instant access to live analytics to help you get to know your customers. All reports are interlinked with your Epos Now reports to give you the full picture of your customer behavior. 

Select your desired date ranges and download analytics tracking anything from average customer spend, service efficiency and data around unique customers and transactions. You can also download end-of-day order and stock reports and view them from your point of sale or back office from your mobile device. 

Then, use this data along with your Epos Now Online Ordering loyalty and marketing tools to engage your customers, so they return to your venue time and time again.

Meeting an emerging demand

Now more than ever customers expect options that cater to their needs. Epos Now Online Ordering allows you to serve guests by providing multiple contactless dining options from one catch-all platform. Customers scan a QR code or access your online menu via a link on your website, social media, or marketing comms, then select the dining option that works for them:

Quick pickup

Quick pickup is a click and collect service where customers can order and pay for their delivery, requesting it ASAP. You can send a message to each customer to let them know when their order is ready.

No longer will your sales be dictated by limited table capacity or overwhelming customer queues. 


The online food delivery sector is predicted to grow by over 45 billion USD by 2023 [1]. Businesses cannot afford to be left behind by this soaring customer demand. By offering delivery, restaurants can access a whole new market of customers. With Epos Now Online Ordering, we’ve taken every step to ensure this is an affordable, fair process for restaurants. 

While the average third-party commission rate for delivery sits between 15% and 30% + 50c per order, our rate is 3.15% + 30c per order. 

To put this into perspective, at a 20% commission charge, restaurants would receive $15.50 of a $20 order placed through the average third-party app (paying $4.50 to process). With Epos Now Online Ordering, restaurants keep $19.07 of the profit, with just a 93c processing fee.


Let customers collect at a time that suits them with pre-ordered click and collect. This option is great for improving internal workplace organization and is perfect for your busy, on-the-go customers. It’s also great for serving large numbers of customers at once. For example, pre-order allows customers to place bulk orders, for work lunches or parties. 

Letting customers order in advance also demonstrates your understanding of the customer journey and provides an all-around improved hospitality experience

Get started with 3 simple steps

  1. Build your menu. You have the option to allow modifiers, extras, preferences, and notes for each dish.
  2. Customers browse, order, and pay. Customers scan a QR code or click a web link to access your menu, place their order and pay.
  3. Serve with ease. A better experience for customers and employees. Automate order taking, stock updates, and payment with a multi-purpose platform.

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Personalized, digitized restaurant profile

Your dedicated Epos Now Online Ordering web-page will contain all of the information that customers need to place an order with you. 

  • Contact details: business telephone line and address
  • Opening hours and available ordering times
  • Estimated order preparation and delivery time
  • Website and social links 
  • Allergen and dietary information
  • Varied, timed, or set online menus, customizable to whether your diners are sitting in, collecting, or ordering delivery

There’s no app needed - customers can order directly using a link on your website or socials, or scan a QR code.

Building your online menu

Setting up your online menu is quick and simple. 

  • Edit and add item descriptions, photos, allergen information, and prices.
  • Create timed menus and sub-categories for special offers and varied location options.
  • Include important contact details, opening hours, and estimated delivery times.
  • Allow guests to search for specific items on your menu or by category for effortless navigation. 
  • Multiple language options for your homepage, menu, and checkout.
  • Prompt tipping and gratuities with the optional round-up toggle.

Customize your menu with modifiers and preferences so that customers can order what they want, exactly how they want it.

Start taking online orders today

Stay ahead of the curve by offering the solutions customers want to see. Epos Now Online Ordering allows you to cater to the needs of every guest whether they’re sitting in, staying home or calling in to collect. Do it all with the multi-purpose mobile ordering platform. 

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