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Key dates for your hospitality business in Q2 2024

4 Mar 2024

Every quarter has its own share of special days and events that smart business owners can use to their advantage. Planning for these dates is essential, and with enough preparation, you can have a successful and profitable second quarter. 

To help you start the planning process, we’ve compiled a list of important and relevant special days for hospitality businesses. With some ideas about how you can use them in the upcoming months. 

Important days for April 

April is the start of the new quarter and offers an exciting mix of silly and serious special days and events. April Fool’s Day on the 1st gives you the chance to show off the jovial side of your business, while Earth Day on the 22nd lets us think about our impact on the environment. 

Below, we’ve highlighted a few key dates and included a list of notable days you may wish to celebrate. Remember, you don’t have to celebrate every special day, you should only engage with those that feel right for you and your business. 

April Fool’s Day - 1st April 

Known for its goofs, gaffs, and pranks, April Fool’s Day is an internationally celebrated day of fun and whimsy. 

While it may seem like this special day wouldn’t fit hospitality, there are many ways your business can take part in the fun. 

Internally, you could ask your service staff to dress in crazy outfits which are sure to delight your guests. The fun could continue to your menu, where your kitchen staff have prepared whacky and wonderful one-off dishes for the special day. 

You might also consider running a short contest if you have the budget and capacity. Have your customers compete to tell the funniest joke or story, pull their funniest face, or bust a move with their silliest dance. The possibilities are endless! 

World Autism Awareness Day - 2nd April 

In recent years, the general public has become more aware and receptive to the autistic members of our communities. World Autism Awareness Day, sometimes simply called World Autism Day, is one of only seven internationally recognized health-related official days. 

World Autism Day gives us a chance to build strong community bonds and welcome guests with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) into our hospitality businesses. 

People with ASDs can find the hustle and bustle of hospitality businesses unwelcoming and triggering. Hosting an autism-inclusive day can be a great way to acknowledge World Autism Day and show that you are a compassionate business. 

You can make your business autism-inclusive with a few simple adjustments:

  • Lowering the music volume and dimming the lights (make sure your guests can still move around safely) 
  • Create a dedicated quiet zone where people can calm down if they become overstimulated
  • Extend your business hours so that guests with ASDs can visit without dealing with the lunch and dinner rush
  • Ask staff to help guests make choices that meet their sensory needs (Many people with ASDs have issues with specific textures, smells, and tastes)

Many towns and cities will have local charities and programs that cater to the autistic community. Partnering with these programs can help you promote your business and accommodate new guests.

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Dedicated April days

  • World Health Day, 7th April - This day has plenty of synergy with hospitality business. You could add some new healthy options to the menu, partner with local farms or fitness clubs, and offer special deals on your healthier food options. 
  • Siblings Day, 10th April - Take advantage of this day with a special sibling set menu! Families will be encouraged to visit, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. 
  • Tax day, 15th April - No one’s favorite day, tax day is your last chance to file your tax paperwork. Check in with your accountant to make sure everything is taken care of.
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day, 15th April - Time to show off your business’s creative side! This is a great chance to challenge your kitchen staff to come up with interesting and innovative dishes. 
  • Earth Day, 22nd April - Time to put your environmental credentials on display. On Earth Day, highlight your organic food (if applicable), do a low-power hour (be sure to keep your POS system and fridges running!), or even give out free packets of native plants with every purchase.

More key dates for hospitality businesses in Q2

Mental Health Awareness Month - May 

Mental health awareness has become a hot-button issue in recent years. While there are no overt marketing opportunities present for Mental Health Awareness Month, it can still benefit your business. 

Hospitality can be a very stressful industry to work in. This special month gives you the chance to catch up with your team and ensure everyone is happy at work and feels heard by the business. A happy workforce is a productive workforce! 

Memorial Day - 27th May 

Memorial Day is often one of the busiest days in the hospitality calendar. Families will take the opportunity this holiday provides to visit businesses in honor of veterans and active service members. You can draw customers in with special deals for service members and take advantage of the rush. 

Dedicated days for May

  • National Pet Month, May 
  • Global Love Day, 1st May 
  • May Day (International Worker’s Day), 1st May
  • Star Wars Day, 4th May
  • Cinco De Mayo, 5th May 
  • Europe Day, 9th May
  • Mother’s Day, 12th May
  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 16th May

LGBTQ+ Pride Month - June 

Who doesn’t love Pride? This joyous month gives us a chance to show appreciation to the LGBTQ+ members of our communities and take a look back at how far we’ve come. Towns and cities will often have large Pride celebrations and parades. Sponsoring a float or partnering with the event is a great way to do some good and get your name out there as an inclusive business. 

Father’s Day - 16th June

It’s time to go out and buy a new tie, it’s Father’s Day! Families will be very keen to show their appreciation for their fathers and grandfathers so your business will have no trouble attracting customers. If you have the budget, a good way to celebrate Father’s Day would be a set menu where dads eat free (or at least heavily discounted.) 

Dedicated days for June 

  • Men’s Health Month, June 
  • Volunteer’s Week, 1st - 7th June
  • World Environment Day, 5th June
  • World Ocean Day, 8th June
  • Juneteenth, 19th June 
  • Summer Solstice, 20th June

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