Restrictions return for NSW Hospitality Venues

Written by Kadence Edmonds

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Hospitality venues are facing tougher restrictions after a recent spike in COVID-19 cases that were directly connected to hospitality venues in New South Wales.


The need for tighter restrictions comes as one hotel in Sydney has been linked to over 28 cases, and a number of venues have been fined for breaching public health orders. The tighter restrictions were first enforced for hotels and pubs only, but have now been reevaluated to include all restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs.

“The time for warnings has passed and that’s in defence of us as a community” said NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Scott Cook. “We are all responsible for our own actions here and we need to be serious about this."The recent cases have led to New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian to announce tougher restrictions for all hospitality venues that will commence from Friday, 24 July.

These changes include group bookings to be slashed from 20 to 10 customers at a time and large venues will have a maximum capacity of 300 patrons. Strict cleaning rules also apply with the mandatory COVID Safe-Plans and registration as a COVID-Safe Business.

It is also essential that customers need to sign in before they enter the venue. Authorities have stressed the necessity of obtaining customer and staff contact information, which they must keep for 28 days.

A full-time marshal is required to be on duty at all times for venues with a capacity of more than 250 people to ensure COVID measures are implemented.

“Indoor activity where people aren’t seated is a huge health risk because it increases the chance of transmission” said Premier Berejiklian. “It was the AHA’s advice to us to reduce bookings from 20 to 10 as it reduces the likelihood of people to mingle. This is a good example of industry taking initiative.”

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the changes are based on advice received from the Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant.

“We do not want to see community transmission getting to a stage where it is out of control. These restrictions target large gatherings which are high risk settings for transmission of the virus” Mr Hazzard said.

If you want to learn more about the restrictions in New South Wales, check out the state's government website.

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