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The ultimate digital marketing loyalty program to power your business growth.

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Why choose Epos Now and LoyaltyDog?

Become more profitable

Loyal customers will visit your business more often and spend more money.

Get more customers

Incentivise your customer to refer their friends. Go viral!

Flex during quiet periods

Make full use of digital capabilities to increase footfall at less busy times.

Tiered offers, percentage offers, points or stamp cards: the choice is yours

Every business is different and has its own unique needs.
Deploy the best mix of offers and rewards that meet your business goals and cater to your business culture.

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Combine the brick and mortar and online worlds with LoyatlyDog and Epos Now

With LoyaltyDog, you can extend your loyalty program to your Shopify store or your WooCommerce store, giving your customers the best of both worlds. Use our seamless integrations to drive your loyalty program.

Multi Channel

We believe that LoyaltyDog will make a difference for your business

An easy-to-use and powerful Loyalty Program that will strengthen your brand, increase average customer spend, provide additional communication channels and help you cement customer relationships.
  • Customers in your Loyalty Program are more likely to become brand ambassadors and recommend you to more of their friends.
  • The customers in your Loyalty Program are up to 50% more likely to buy new products and will tell their friends about you.
  • You can use the data from your Loyalty Program to enhance and personalise communication with your customers.
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