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Our point of sale (POS) software is built for growing businesses. Fulfill all your needs and transform your business with a quality point of sale system from Epos Now.

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The unique benefits of an Epos Now's POS systems

An adaptable service

Customise your POS system with a choice of 130+ useful apps and integrations

Reduced admin

Automate daily tasks like inventory management and save up to 10 hours a month on admin

Improved sales

Add Epos Now Payments and get up to 3X more sales by accepting card transactions

A POS software solution that works

Looking for a new, better way to handle your business operations? Epos Now POS software is exactly what you're looking for.

At Epos Now, we've listened to what hospitality and retail business owners have been asking for and developed specialised point of sale software that ticks all the boxes, compatible with iPad, Android, Mac and PC (as well as our POS hardware!).

With a range of industry-specific features and a suite of award-winning apps, our point of sale system centralises your processes in one solution and improves your customer management.

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Reactive real-time reporting

An essential part of running small businesses is staying on top of business performance. Our bespoke POS system handles this for you automatically with its extensive reporting capabilities.

  • As you trade, your POS system collects and collates your sales data, including card and cash sales

  • This data is then converted into easy-to-read business reports with to-the-minute information

  • Discover your top profit-generating products, effortlessly monitor inventory levels and more

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Build the perfect system for inventory management

Modern small business owners need a flexible POS system that can be configured to meet their every need. This is where Epos Now comes in.

As part of our service, we curate a suite of leading first- and third-party apps for your POS solution. These integrations let you build an EPOS system that meets your business's unique needs.

From customer relationship management to stock management, accounting to online transactions, our AppStore has something that will help.

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Trusted by over 63,000 businesses worldwide

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Payment processing made easy

Transaction fees can be difficult to navigate for small businesses. Epos Now Payments takes the uncertainty out of the equation.

Enjoy fixed rates for card transactions, and accept all cards including American Express, making it easy to budget for your payment processing service cost.**

When processing payments, you'll never be charged hidden fees or signed up for additional monthly fees without your consent.

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Excellent customer support when you need it

Although we have designed our EPOS software to be as intuitive as possible, you still may need some help from time to time. Our expert support team is ready and waiting to help.

  • Our support team is employed in-house so you don't have to deal with a third party

  • Specialised support can help with anything from inventory management to customer loyalty apps

  • 24/7 phone support is available, and our live chat is open between 9am - 7pm GMT

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FAQ about our POS software

If you have a question about Epos Now and our EPOS software, please refer to our FAQ or contact our team.

Why use POS software?

POS software helps your business automate tasks, speed up performance, and integrates smoothly into a larger system, bringing your whole operation together. For instance, POS software will help you use a full sales solution with barcode scanner, cash drawer, and a receipt printer in a retail store. It will also help you sell online in an online store.

Meanwhile, it helps hospitality businesses accept payments at table, start selling on delivery platforms, and offers more options for your point of sale terminal. Even getting access mobile POS systems can be very beneficial to hospitality businesses.

Ultimately, to stay ahead of the competition, a well structured business needs POS software to offer an efficient service to customers and reduce payroll requirements.

Do I need to use Epos Now hardware to access the software?

No! The Epos Now POS app is accessible through multiple app stores and can be downloaded onto other hardware if you'd prefer to use something else to run your business. This includes mobile devices (though Epos Now also offers those), tablets, laptops, and PCs.

You can also use Epos Now hardware to run your business while accessing the Back Office software on personal devices for management purposes and to oversee operations while off-site, taking a break, or running errands. Epos Now users benefit from the software's flexibility, as cloud-based data storage means any device can become part of their setup!

However, it is worth noting that Epos Now's receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and other hardware components all work best with an Epos Now POS device. Other personal devices may also not have the specialist capacity to work as a POS machine, which could lead to loss of reliability and subsequent difficulty in running your business.

If you have questions about which device to run your business on, speak to our expert team about your needs and Epos Now will find a till system that suits you.

What POS apps are available in Epos Now’s software?

The Epos Now AppStore contains 100+ amazing integrations that provide tools to benefit every business as well as industry-specific software for specialised POS setups.

Epos Now understand a good POS system looks different depending on your needs, which is why we've created an AppStore filled with opportunities. A few of these include:

  • Ecommerce integrations to offer online sales to customers, as well as online ordering, click&collect, and delivery apps, each with integrated inventory and tools to help you manage sales from your multichannel business

  • Marketing apps like Mailchimp to help foster closer connections with customers through email marketing, as well as loyalty apps like Loyalzoo and LoyaltyDog, which help you run successful loyalty programs that reward customers for repeat business

  • Payment integrations with in-house and third-party payment processing for smoother transactions and expansive payment options including contactless payments, mobile payments, digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and popular POS payment platforms like Paymentsense

  • Accounting integrations that connect your point of sale computer software to popular accountancy programs such as Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks, making managing your finances easier than ever!

  • Business management apps including Workforce.com and help you stay on top of staff, bookings, payroll, and others like Multi-Site Manager help larger businesses run multiple stores with multiple locations through one back office with localised inventory data

Didn't see the app you needed? Don't worry, the AppStore has many integrations not mentioned here.

What is EPOS software?

EPOS software is programming designed to help businesses process sales and manage operations. It encompasses a number of key areas which different point of sale systems may or may not help with:

  • Processing transactions: This is a function all EPOS software should offer, providing your sales team with a quick and easy way to process sales, keeping queues short and letting them focus on speed and quality service

  • Tracking inventory: With so much to keep track of, EPOS software should offer businesses a way to track stock, deducting sales from overall inventory and, if the software is effective, informing you when you run low making everyday tasks like reordering much easier

  • Generating business reports: EPOS software records your business data, generating reports to help you monitor cash flow, customer data, staff performance, payroll and more, giving you instant access to all the information you need to make the best business decisions

There are plenty of other POS features businesses can benefit from, especially as hospitality and retail businesses have different needs, but the above are the main features any business should look for in a good point of sale solution.

Is POS software free?

While there are free POS software options out there, they will never be as effective as the paid options. Many free POS system options can do little more than process cash payments, while paid options offer significantly better performance and more options to your business that help you perform better, repaying the investment many times over!

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