How Integrating Your Wix Store with Epos Now Can Help Increase Your Sales

Danielle Collard
15 Mar 2023

The retail industry knows the importance of online sales. While the eCommerce share of the retail market experiences regular fluctuations, it usually accounts for between a quarter and a third of all sales[1].

No business will happily wave goodbye to that slice of a market, but many business owners, managers and entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to creating an online store, or finding ways to boost online sales.

Epos Now always look for new ways to make trading easier and more profitable. These days that means finding ways to simplify eCommerce so that everyone feels comfortable managing their online store. Nothing demonstrates that quite like Epos Now’s latest partnership with Wix (powered by Digital Edge), a leader in website creation and a pivotal tool for thousands of retailers across the UK and beyond.

Why a Wix integration matters

If your business uses a Wix online store or you’re thinking about setting up on Wix, you can make life much easier by integrating your online store with your EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale, or till). 

When running an omnichannel business with online and in-store sales, managers need to constantly reconcile data and essentially manage two different businesses. This doesn’t just make trade more time-consuming but also less profitable.

More dependable stock levels make more dependable sales

Even if they sell the same products, non-integrated businesses will have two different sets of data to examine: one on their EPOS and one on Wix. While some businesses claim to use reporting less than others, those reports do some of the most important work in your business.

When making online and in-store sales, maintaining your stock levels becomes much more important as it’s easy to make duplicate sales and have to disappoint customers, losing both sales and reputation as a reliable business. Epos Now’s integration with Wix keeps stock levels up to date across all your platforms, meaning going out of stock in-store or online is registered in both places.

As a manager, knowing your online sales influence your EPOS stock report allows you to confirm and maintain stock levels easily through your Epos Now Back Office. The reliability this integration brings makes your brand trustworthy enough for customers to turn to you first.


Readable reporting for more rounded business insights

Epos Now has always been proud of the EPOS reports produced by our system, since that  level of detail for online sales gives businesses a serious advantage. With competition high across the board, understanding customer trends, successful products and factors holding you back can help you make better business decisions than competitors and move to the top of the pile.

The Wix integration allows sales from both platforms to be viewed and differentiated in your Back Office reporting, so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t for both channels. This means identifying bestsellers but also profitability, refining reports by time and date and comparing cross-platform. Seeing which products sell better online and in-store can help you improve your product placement for both channels.

 Making the most of both channels can mean deciding which products should only be sold or promoted in one channel, which are worthy of the website homepage and seeing how the data reflects these changes.

Practical product management for consistency across platforms

This consistency between platforms goes well beyond stock levels and sales reports. The Epos Now-Wix integration helps ensure your prices match online and in-store and give you the freedom to make changes without having to duplicate your work.

Selling on multiple platforms without integration means doubling your product management. While this may sound manageable, on a busy day, it’s easy to neglect one channel or another. Businesses can soon find that advertised promotions may not have been applied to the online store, or that one of their best products now has two prices and nobody feels certain which one is correct.

Using the increased efficiency of the Wix-Epos Now integration allows businesses to retain the centralised management system of the EPOS Back Office for product management as well as stock control/inventory and reporting.

Making the best use of access to new markets

Most businesses go online to access new, more distant markets they can’t access with a brick-and-mortar store. But one of the best things about trading online is being able to collect lots of customer data. For the business, that customer data provides the best value because of the potential to remarket one-off sales and build a much larger customer base.

The Wix integration automatically adds these online store customers to your Epos Now Back Office. Many businesses incorporate marketing consent requests into the online checkout, which can be linked to your EPOS marketing integrations.

Using this strategy, your Wix online store can directly, and automatically build your marketing list with entirely new customers obtained through your online sales. This can help you get full value for money from your expansion into eCommerce and build your brand, all while automating a usually time-consuming marketing process.

Why mixing Wix with Epos Now makes sense

Wix has proven to be a top-tier website builder and got the highest rating in Startup's evaluations scoring a remarkable 4.8 out of 5[2]. Its features and flexibility make it the perfect partner for Epos Now customers.

Epos Now prides itself on its usability, which will always be crucial for efficient service in-store. EPOS devices provide the foundation for their businesses, and if managers and staff struggle to use them, they will spend more time studying their system and less time with customers. That’s why a simple application with easy navigation and smooth integrations is so important.

The Wix website builder clearly shares this accessible philosophy, outperforming competitors on ease of use, and scoring higher still for its website features. The integration with Epos Now brings both of these practical platforms together to make running an omnichannel business easier than it’s ever been.

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