Achieve More with the Link Card Terminal Machine

Take payments with a card terminal you can rely on. The Link card machine provides a swift, frictionless checkout experience and allows you to accept all types of payments at one fixed rate, no matter the type of card.

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The card payment terminal built for more

Fast checkouts with one fixed rate

Accept chip and pin, contactless, and remote over the phone payments

Round the clock support

Access all the help and support you need from one place, whenever you need it

Integrated payments for better reporting

View customer data, sales, and reconciliation reports from your Back Office

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Epos Now’s Link card payment machine integrates seamlessly with your point of sale software. For maximum benefits, pair with our Complete Solution. 

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View actionable business insights

All transactional data recorded on your Link device feeds into your Epos Now Back Office in real time. Access fully-automated reporting and analytics. Get a full overview of your cash flow and simplify bookkeeping with automated reports. Save precious time and eliminate costly human errors.

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Service-friendly with no complicated setups

The Link card reader has a large touchscreen display and keypad for ultimate ease of use. With ethernet connectivity, there’s no need to charge or worry about an outage. It’s also fully PCI compliant, guaranteeing safety and security for you and your customers. 

Designed to help you accept card payments without stress and complication. Epos Now Payments offers consistent monthly fees, and one service team for all your help and support.

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