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Dining With a Difference: Free Restaurant Sustainably Run App

Aine Hendron
19 Nov 2021

Epos Now are proud to announce that we have teamed up with global sustainability partners, Sustainably Run. Sustainably Run are dedicated to helping restaurants be more environmentally friendly, and do their part in ending world hunger.

It’s a completely free integration for restaurant owners who use Epos Now point of sale systems.

Take part in this inspiring movement by offering your diners the opportunity to make a small donation which will go towards planting trees to feed communities in developing nations. 

Take part in a global effort to plant a billion trees by 2030

Sustainably Run have a very simple mission: help people while helping the planet. By raising donations to plant trees, together we can:

  • Feed communities in the location trees are planted
  • Reduce poverty by providing livelihoods for these communities
  • Reduce deforestation
  • Act on climate change through carbon sequestration
  • Make our daily actions more sustainable

Helping you make a difference

Sustainably Run supports restaurants in creating their corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan to improve their social, environmental, and economic impact on the world. This can be done by proactively engaging with, researching, or investing in meaningful causes and philosophies. 

CSR is about empowering your business, your staff and your guests to take action and make a difference.

It’s easy being green with Sustainably Run

Here’s how it works: once your diners are given their bill for their meal, they have the option of paying for a GiftTree in developing nations. It’s a small donation of £1.23 that you can add manually via your POS, and will be automatically offered on bills over £30. This donation helps to counterbalance the diner’s carbon footprint and environmental impact caused in the production of their meal.

Each GiftTree planted by your diners is credited to your restaurant, so you can view and track the impact you and your diners are making. On their bill, guests can access a link to your restaurant’s showcase page. Here, they can learn more about the action you’re taking, and how it’s making a difference to communities across the world.

How your restaurant can make a difference

87% of consumers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about [1]. This sustainability strategy makes it easy for you to use your platform to encourage customers to take part in an environmental initiative. By educating yourself and your employees, you can transform the lives of those less fortunate, one transaction at a time. 

Sustainably Run make this easy by providing complete front of house training to encourage employees to discuss the initiative with customers.

Promote the gift of giving

When customers donate £1.23, their donation is used to purchase a GiftTree. Trees are a vital part of our world and are lifesaving in many communities.

When customers dine in your restaurant, they arrive with expectations of a great night out, a delicious meal and time spent with good company. They can leave with their hopes met, and an extra sense of pride that comes from helping others.

Diners can even choose the type of tree they’d like to plant and the location of that tree by visiting and inputting their bill information.

How do your diners help change the world?

A small donation can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

Create sustainable food and living

Sustainably Run plants a diverse range of different trees and crops. This helps people living in severe poverty grow their own fruits and vegetables for multiple generations. 

The surplus food that isn’t eaten isn’t wasted: it can be sold. This helps communities create jobs and income where there are few opportunities. Trees provide families with an income that can be used to facilitate access to healthcare, education, and a healthier, more fruitful lifestyle.

Restore the ecosystem

The variety of plants, flowers, trees and crops planted by Sustainably Run encourages biodiversity and restores grounds lost to unsustainable farming. As well as growing food for people, the low-hanging trees and bushes can be used to feed and shelter animals and wildlife. Surplus wood can also be used as sustainable building materials.

Offset a negative carbon footprint

Customers will know that their donation will make a positive impact on the lives of others. Planting a tree counterbalances Co2 emissions created in the production of food, helps neutralise food waste, and provides a lifeline to people living in poverty. 

Help yourself by helping others

Sustainably Run benefits people in low-income countries, your diners, and your restaurant. As a certified Sustainably Run Restaurant, you can use this certification to market and promote your restaurant. Show your passion for the planet with pride, and access a range of additional free benefits provided by Sustainably Run as a thank you for doing your part.

Once certified, you’ll get access to:

  • Free integration with your Epos Now till
  • Front of house training
  • Sustainably Run Restaurant certificate and plaque
  • Personalised social content and marketing material
  • PR exposure
  • Access to your own Sustainably Run Restaurant hub
  • Awards opportunities

Grow your restaurant with greater purpose

88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. The same number of people also form a more positive image of businesses that support social or environmental issues.

This initiative does more than add a new, admirable chapter to your restaurant’s story. Restaurants that are Sustainably Run certified experience more positive Trip Advisor and website reviews. Satisfy customers by proving that you take action on things that matter.

On top of that, Sustainably Run actively promotes participating businesses to more than 100,000 diners each month across their multiple social media channels. The long-term project also creates natural PR on local, regional and national platforms. Good work does not go unnoticed. 

It’s an effortless, free initiative that has proven to elevate restaurant reputations, increase footfall, and boost customer retention. Most importantly, it makes an enormous social and environmental impact in developing countries.

You’ll receive regular social media and marketing content to help you promote the Sustainably Run movement. This includes weekly personalised images and monthly personalised videos relevant to your restaurant. 

Becoming a Sustainable Restaurant is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

There are three steps to beginning your Sustainably Run journey:

  1. Download the free Sustainably Run app from your Epos Now app store
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. Receive the free marketing tools, online training and personalised content to help implement your corporate social responsibility plan!

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