Be a seaside sensation with dedicated fish and chip shop POS

The Epos Now POS system for fish and chip shops is packed full of unbeatable features to help your business smoothly operate takeaway, delivery and more.

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Cut out costly errors! Reduce mistakes on meals by 60% with the Epos Now Kitchen Display System.

Epos Now Payments saves your team over 4 hours during sales every month.

Get a 48% faster delivery and increase revenue by up to 25% by adding Epos Now Delivery.

The best in fish and chips shop POS

Online Ordering v3

Online orders

Meet your customers' cravings with easy-to-setup online ordering. You can even get your business on some of the most popular delivery platforms.

Reduce operating costs GBP v2

Keep costs down

Utilise incredible business management tools that will help you cut food wastage, accurately track staff performance, and keep overall costs to a minimum.

Repeat business v7

Speedy service

Consolidate your offline and online orders directly in your POS system and get your customers’ their food quickly and efficiently.

The all-in-one fish and chips shop point of sale system

When the Friday rush comes around, you need a POS system that can keep up with multiple  orders while flawlessly processing transactions. Epos Now systems are designed to help hospitality businesses, like your fish and chip shop, reach the next level. 

  • Connect your counter and kitchen to elevate the quality of your food and minimise errors
  • Sophisticated inventory management tools help cut down on food waste 
  • Epos Now Payments make payment processing simple and fair
  • Save time on business admin by streamlining your processes

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Reach new customers with delicious delivery

Ever thought about opening your shop up for delivery? Epos Now can help you get set up on some of the best delivery platforms on the market. 

Epos Now Delivery is our first-party app that expands your reach and lets you serve customers directly in their home. 

Our Epos Now AppStore also boasts integrations with leading delivery apps like Deliveroo, giving you more options in how you offer delivery. 

Epos Now Delivery Hero UK

Save time and money with smart stock control

In a busy takeaway or restaurant, it can be hard to find the time to do a proper stock take. Epos Now’s fish and chips shop POS system features sophisticated inventory management tools. 

  • Track inventory right down to ingredient level in minutes rather than hours
  • Automate purchase orders and low stock warnings make sure you never run out of what you need
  • Accurate stock levels help maintain your bottom line 
  • Manage inventory and track stock levels between multiple locations
Stock v2

Customise your system with leading apps

Your POS system needs to meet the unique needs of your business. With our AppStore, you can customise your system to handle everything from marketing to accounting. 

  • Integrate with over 130 apps, including leading accountancy and CRM tools
  • Identify popular delivery orders to create smarter promotions 
  • Grow your marketing list and add to your base of regular customers
  • Collect more online reviews to boost your reputation
Takeaway apps

Enjoy complete payment flexibility

Add Epos Now Payments to your POS system and enjoy flat rates on card transactions.**

Epos Now Payments allows you to process payments, stay secure, and access detailed business reports all from one place. And it syncs seamlessly with your Epos Now POS system.

Keep up with consumer demand by accepting the most wanted payment options on the market. Get a full overview of your cash flow and simplify bookkeeping for good with automated reports.

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The support you need, whenever you need it​

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. 

We provide round-the-clock support plans, as well as personalised, one-on-one onboarding and unlimited training and coaching.

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If you’d like to know more about Epos Now and our dedicated fish and chip shop POS, get in touch with our expert or refer to our FAQ.

What is a fish and chip shop POS system?

A POS, or point of sale system, is a centralised platform that lets you manage inventory, take and process orders, and collect payments from guests. A modern fish and chip shop POS system will also be able to integrate with accounting applications, marketing platforms, and other business tools to streamline restaurant management.

How do POS systems work?

Restaurant point of sale systems use the cloud, members of staff are able to use either handheld pocket devices or the primary till to send orders straight through to the kitchen and process transactions.

Epos Now offers free onboarding and training with our systems so you and your staff can learn to operate your POS with complete confidence.

What is the best POS for a small restaurant or takeaway?

The best point of sale system for a small or independent restaurant is one that allows the business owner to cut costs and create a smoother service. It does this by managing your floor plan, simplifying and automating stock control, and improving communication between your staff and customers. A state of the art fish and chip shop POS will also process online orders through food delivery platforms.

Can I use Caller ID with my Epos Now system?

📞 Yes! Epos Now offers a Caller ID that works using a landline or via VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The hardware is easy to set up on your Epos Now point of sale system too.

Epos Now Caller ID allows you to register new callers quickly. And when your customers come rushing back, get access to their name, address, and sales history the moment you pick up the phone! It helps you boost efficiency, reduce errors, and increase customer retention! Find out more about Epos Now Caller ID here.

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