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Referral Scheme

Direct businesses in your industry to Epos Now through our Referral Scheme and claim £250 for every approved referral!*. The business you refer will also receive 20% off recommended retail price (RRP). 

Refer now 

Why should you join our referral programme?

The Epos Now referral scheme comes with a number of benefits for our customers. These include: 

  • Easy to use   Download the app and receive a unique URL that you can share on your social media or via email.
  • Fully automated See all your referrals and their status in one place and let us deal with the admin, including automated payouts. 
  • Unlimited rewards - Refer as many businesses as you like and earn £250 for every approved referral. 
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Start referring

The Epos Now Referral Scheme is simple. Here's how you can take part:

1. Sign up for the referral scheme by installing the free app. This will activate a unique referral URL linked to your account. 

2. Select how you want to share your referral URL - either via social media or email. 

3. Earn £250 for every approved referral. Plus, the business you refer will get 20% off RRP. 

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Any business is welcome

Our Referral scheme is open to all businesses, so you can refer whoever you think would be a good fit for Epos Now and can benefit from our service. 

Once they’re approved, they’ll be able to take advantage of 20% off RRP.

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*Referrals will be approved once referred businesses have been trading with Epos Now for 30 days. 

Start referring us and get your rewards!

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