Mobile Banking* with the Epos Now My Business app

Easy business money management. Apply today to open a secure bank account provided by Adyen.

Simple, smart and secure banking, powered by Adyen

When it comes to your business, Epos Now My Business puts you in the driver’s seat.

With Epos Now My Business, business owners are provided with a business bank account, powered by Adyen. Here you can store your money safely, make fast payments, and provide automated end-to-end reconciliation from your Epos Now point of sale (POS) system and Epos Now Payments service to your Epos Now My Business account.

Take complete control of your business finances with total confidence.

What is Epos Now My Business?

Simple and secure banking

Store money safely, make fast payments and track your business sales transactions in one app.

Easy money management

Stay on top of your payments and track your expected daily payouts in real-time with no extra hassle.

Get paid fast

Get your Epos Now Payments sales paid out next day, directly into your My Business account - or upgrade to same-day payouts for a small fee.

What’s included in the Epos Now My Business app

Manage your cash flow and safely send money in seconds. Here’s what’s included in our app:

  • View all your business performance and financial information in one place
  • Get approved for a bank account in as little as 24 hours
  • Pay suppliers or transfer money quickly and efficiently
  • Get next-day business sales payouts or upgrade to same-day payouts for a fee - even on weekends and bank holidays

And with 24/7 customer support, you’ll always have help available if you need it.

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Manage your cash flow

Monitor your transaction and payouts in real-time so you can make informed decisions about your money. 

Epos Now Payments customers enjoy even more functionality with My Business. 

Current Epos Now Payments customers can set same-day payouts at a time that suits them - even on weekends or bank holidays.

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Get immediate access to your account

Epos Now My Business gives you remote access to your bank account. You can log in from anywhere with your compatible device. 

  • Real-time money updates let you know exactly how your business is doing 
  • Get paid out next day for free, or upgrade to same day payouts
  • Pay suppliers from your Epos Now business account
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Your security is our priority

Our customers’ security is our top priority. When you trust us with our finances, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

  • Accounts are insured and deposits are protected by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme. 
  • Account access is secured with biometric and multifactor authentication and access is made convenient with Single Sign On using your Epos Now account.  
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No opening charges or monthly fees!

We only take a small fee when you transfer money out.

Mobile app
Bank account
£0.20 per transfer
Statements and reporting

Grow your business securely with Epos Now My Business app

Technical information

*Financial Protection Information. Adyen N.V. is registered with the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme register and eligible funds up to EUR 100,000 are legally protected by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme.