Epos Now Caller ID: Show you care, know who’s calling!

Give your business an easy way to gather and access your customer data, save time, and help you build a more personal customer experience. 

Choose from two Caller ID devices:

  1. Landline - £120 upfront
  2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) - £150 upfront

Monthly bundles are available.

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Simple setup

Plug in and go using landline or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) options.

Increased efficiency

Quickly register new callers, access order history, and reduce errors and waste.

Friendlier service

Greet loyal customers by name, personalize marketing, and keep them coming back.

A phenomenal over-the-phone experience

Epos Now Caller ID allows you to quickly input and access customer data into your system, saving you and your customers time on every sale. Then, when your customers come rushing back, get access to their name, address, and sales history the moment you pick up the phone!

With more customers registered on your system, Epos Now Caller ID can help businesses minimise wait times, improve accuracy and offer customers more relevant marketing materials.

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Efficiency, accuracy, and appeal

Caller ID is an essential part of many businesses, allowing them to gather data, speed up service, and retain customers:

  • Sell at speed: when your devoted customers call, be ready with their regular order, delivery information, and spending data all at your fingertips
  • Reduce errors: cut out misspellings and order or delivery errors to reduce wastage and keep customers happy 
  • Boost spending: register customers on your POS system and tailor your marketing to their habits for increased ROI
  • Get to know customers: greet repeat customers by name and give your business a friendlier feel by getting to know them better
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The kit you need for a smoother sale!

Whether you’re running a landline or taking your calls through the web, Epos Now Caller ID will store your customer contact info and build you a valuable database. Features include:

  • Auto-search when taking calls. Caller ID finds the account whenever a stored phone number calls your business, displays their name, and offers you access to their address and sales history
  • Quick-add on new numbers. Be prompted to create a new account or add to an existing one when taking calls from unrecognised numbers 
  • See caller names. Even before you open the account, Caller ID displays the name of the caller, so you can offer a warm, personal greeting to your customer when they say hello
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Frequently asked questions

What hardware does the Epos Now Caller ID use?

Caller ID comes in two forms: one for landline and one for Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

The landline Caller ID contains two ports, one connecting to your Epos Now terminal and the other to your landline or router. A landline Caller ID comes with a 2-foot USB cable to connect your terminal as well as two 2-foot cables to connect your phone line.

The VOIP Caller ID requires a single cable for your router. A VOIP Caller ID purchase comes with a 2-foot USB cable to connect your Caller ID to your terminal.



How do I set up my Caller ID?

Epos Now Caller ID is very easy to set up and use. You only have to choose if you want to use a landline or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

When the device arrives, users can plug in their device and simply enable the caller ID module on your Epos Now POS software. 

Then, the caller ID will come into effect as soon as a call comes in. It’s that simple!

What are the advantages of VOIP Caller ID and landline Caller ID?


✅ Using a landline for Caller ID offers the best reliability to ensure you never miss a call. 

❌ However, taking calls to your business through landlines will likely be more expensive than through the internet (however, this shouldn’t be affected by Epos Now's Caller ID).

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP):

❌ VOIP Caller ID may not be as reliable as a landline Caller ID, as it’s subject to changes in your internet speed. We recommend you ensure a strong internet connection before setting up your phone line and caller ID. 

✅ However, VOIP Caller ID allows you to reach any computer, mobile, or landline anywhere in the world without any trouble - perfect for any business with an international outreach!


Not sure what best suits your business? Talk to our team!

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