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We love to talk about our tills, but you know who else does? The businesses that use them! Hear from some of Epos Now's happy customers.

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Trusted by over 63,000 businesses locations worldwide

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Duncan McGregor of Planet Doughnut - Shropshire, UK

“Managing multiple sites, we found it hard to gather the revenue and see who was performing well. With Epos Now, there’s so much data you don’t know what to do with it. The week-by-week comparison. This week versus last week. Has your percentage gone up or down versus the week you’re looking at?"

"Parts of the deal are worth their weight in gold for me, and not trying to figure out how to close a port every single month helps, too.” 

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Top tier training and customer support

Carl Drick - "I enjoyed every second of the training! The technicians know the products and my needs, and took their time. I am so pleased with Epos Now!"


Anne Hadnett - “I'm using Epos Now for my business. It's very easy to use, and they have an excellent customer service team if needed.”

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The Stauffer family of Cowpens Coffee and Creamery

“We looked at Square; we looked at Clover, and the one we chose was Epos Now because of the cost.”

“So having Epos Now saves time, steps, and energy, and makes sales flow easily for the customers - which is great for us!”

"Epos Now’s monthly subscription for the terminals and 24/7 support was very, very attractive."

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Rave reviews for our price and speedy tech

La Kruca Kafejo, UK - "Exactly what we needed for our small business! Provided what we were looking for at a reasonable price."


Don Schmidt Kanddy Services LL, US - "It's an affordable all-in-one POS system. Fast turnaround time and very affordable. There are no hidden fees, and the customer service is the best. Customer service helped me set up the machine and take credit card payments on the same day. Epos Now is the best!"

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Easy to use, easy to learn, easy to trade!

Irwindale Cycles, US - "The system is easy and clear and I like the quick options for quick sales."


Ayman Khaleq, UK - "It's a perfect till and easy to set up. Any questions with setting up, the Epos Now team are always willing to help. They can even fix issues from their end via remote login! I think this system is a must if you’re serious about your business and tracking sales and staff."


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